Is this bonded?

Looked at this panel tonight, everything looked good except I could not find the bonding screw. It’s a Square D panel, no screw or strap that I could see. Unable to tell if the grounding bar on left was metal to metal. Not the best pictures but if you see it let me know, thanks.
Mark T

Looks like a sub panel, it has a 4-wire feed and the grounds are on the left hidden bus which is mounted direct to the metal box. The two neutral bars are isolated from ground as they should be if it is in fact a sub panel.

Did you see a 200 amp disconnect (main panel) by the meter?


Before I comment I have to ask you a few questions.

1.) Is this the Main Service Disconnect? Forget the fact it has a main breaker…is this the Main Service Disconnect?

2.) Since it appears to be 4 conductors, is their any disconnect ahead of it…anywhere ahead of it?

3.) I really can’t tell…does an GEC land on the grounding terminal bar on the left?

4.) Is their a GEC in this panel? important question that helps answer questions above as well.

let us know…and ye shall receive!

Man, I’m embarrassed, I totally dropped the ball on this one. It never occurred to me that this wasn’t the main. I’ll have to go back tomorrow and check under the meter and look in that mystery box below it. thanks again, Mark T

lol…I knew asking you the questions would JAR the memory. It’s ok fella…the great thing about this type of thing is i can bet it will never happen again…so you gained something from it. Never be embarrassed about it fella…it’s all good.

Another great thing is, that you showed your integrity by admitting you may have made a mistake, and not trying to BS your way out of it. That goes a long way around here. :smiley:

I agree 100%…He is a class act. It is not always about the inspections the HI’s get right…it is about the ones they might get wrong and that the little BUG in the back of the mind that make’s you think enough to ask others…Just sorry you have to go back out , but you did show class in admitting it and your client is lucky to have you care enough to dig deeper.

Wouldn’t the colors of the SEC be a hint/clue? In the two states I’ve inspected in (MN & WA), I have only seen black. Is it common in other areas to see black, red, white?

I allways appreciate the info you guys give back when there’s a question posted. Who know’s maybe I’ll be talking to you tomorrow! :slight_smile:
p.s. don’t tell my wife I’m not perfect! sssshhhhhhh

Mark, trust me, she already knows :p:twisted::smiley:

Good use of the available expertise.

My clients always seem to like it when I tell them “I’m going to go confer with a couple of my colleagues about the matter this evening. I’ll let you know what our consensus is in the morning.”

Sure beats the “Idunno” response.

It might . But you can’t teach someone anything by always providing the answer without knowing hidden facts only present to the first hand account. Assumptions always cause problems. In regards to the colors, their is no real standard other than High-leg markings, grounded and grounding markings and so on but yes, that is generally the color scheme for SER type of cable.

Over my many years in this business I have seen one manufacturer use Red,Black,White and Bare and another use Black, Black, Black with White and Bare…depends on the manufacturer really.

The key for me is when I see 4 conductors…start looking for a service disconnect somewhere else. Also since this appears to be a fairly new installation and the the lack of GEC’s would spark a furthur look as well.

The key in education is let the person evolve the answer and retain the rewards from examination…just as mark did.