Is this the end of radon measurement testing?

Airthings (makers of the Corentium, Corentium-Plus and corentium-Pro) released a new consumer installable radon detector at CES in Nevada yesterday.

Press kit here:

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[FONT=Calibri]I have a Safety Siren pro , Radon Gas Detector for about A year]([/FONT]

I assume you mean the end of radon measurement testing by professionals??
As this is a radon measurement device.

If that is your questions intent, it would be doubtful.
But there really isn’t much info about the product.

Can it provide radon test results in the time available for real estate transactions?

Is it approved as such for your state/municipality?

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**RadonDetection Reimagined with Launch of Airthings Wave **

Airthings Wave couples sleek design with cutting edge sensing technology tosave lives **
January03, 2017 08:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
LAS VEGAS &OSLO, Norway–([FONT=“Times New Roman”]BUSINESS WIRE]([/FONT])–Airthingstoday unveiled its latest innovation in the home technology market: a smartradon detector that provides consumers with critical, potentially life-savinginformation on indoor air quality, accessible via their smartphone or tablet.Airthings Wave gives homeowners instant visibility into their indoor radonlevels – a dangerous gas that few know is the leading cause of lung canceramong non-smokers. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show’sCES Unveiled event in Las Vegas
. Wave is available for preorder via the Airthingswebsite for $199. Product will begin** shipping in early March 2017.
“Every home should have a radondetector, and it’s our mission at Airthings to make that happen”
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Radon exposureclaims the lives of approximately 21,000 Americans each year, which more thansix times the number of deaths attributed annually to house fires and carbonmonoxide poisoning combined. The dangerous gas is present in every homenationwide, to varying degrees based on climate, ventilation levels, time ofyear and a variety of other factors. The most common type of radon test kitused today is based on charcoal canisters, which only provide a short-termmeasurement (days) and require being sent to a lab for analysis. This isproblematic, as radon levels fluctuate significantly over time. Airthings Wavefundamentally changes the way radon is measured by using digital sensors andsmart home technology. This allows for the unique combination of real-timeradon levels and long-term measurement, which is crucial for health andwellness.

The pro version:

Interesting thanks to all who posted .

Sounds like an almost useless product.
Why would you need to know your homes radon level on some app on your phone?
Other than that it’s just another home radon monitor.

Being informed by an app if a connected smoke or CO detector goes off, that’s important, but radon?? :roll:

I am betting the EPA has not approved the Pro unit yet. I think it is a slick design.

The EPA has never approved ANY of their devices. ALL of their accrediations are overseas! There are a handfull of inspectors on this MB that use their devices, and there have been many discussions here. Do a search to (maybe get lucky) find them.

I use the Corentium as a backup. Same company with a new name.

The EPA has not approved any radon testing device since the 90’s.

They leave that up to the states, and many states don’t approve radon testing devices.

So Sun Nuclear lied to me a few years back when they said they were waiting for EPA approval on their newest monitor?