Radon Test equipment

Good morning,
a few days ago i asked about continuous radon monitors. Did anybody use the Corentium Pro from Airthings before? I work mostly of I pad so i need something that works with IOS operating system. Thank you

I have used Sunnuclear and like it. I have an HP laptop, sure it’s good with other systems. There is also a Radstar unit I’ve used and like.




Not a US-EPA or AARST-NRPP approved (Manufacturer) device.

Does anyone use the Rad Elec- e-perm system? If so are the results acceptable by the EPA and/or the real estate commission in Colorado? I use a Sun Nuclear continuous monitor and can find it listed as an authorize unit. This other unit has listings that are good but nothing about it being certified for real estate sale use.


Eperms are an excellent product back with great customer services

I have been doing radon tests for years and recently bought a radon continuous monitor. It was quite expensive but has already paid for itself.
I was setting it up today to do a test when I realized that someone, anyone could walk off with the tester and I would be out of luck and $$$.
Of course they could not use it unless they had the code but I would still be out $$$

Any thoughts?