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Has anyone heard of or used Airthing for home use? I was called by a previous client (from back in July) and they used one of these because they read “great” reviews online. They came up with a slightly higher reading than my sun unit did. I looked this company up and sent an email requesting information and the first question I will ask is the unit EPA certified. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this unit.

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I’ve never heard of it, Paul.

Oh, and, welcome back to our forum, Paul,…Enjoy! :smile:

I use a couple Airthings Corentium Pros for my radon tests. Super easy setup and provide great reports. They offer cheaper homeowner devices but I don’t know much about those.

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Continuous Radon Monitors – Updated: November 5, 2020

Device # Manufacturer/Model Device Performance Testing Proof of Calibration
CR-8233 AirThings Corentium Pro Every 2 Years Annually

This is the only AirThings currently approved by the NRPP. More than likely they have the home use version such as the Corentium or the Wave.

H… D… Offers a few Airthing products for the DIY folks. Might get some information there. The Corentium line is the only ones from Airthings that are approved, I believe.

Only the Corentium Pro is approved by the NRPP. Corentium 223, Corentium Plus and the Wave are not. But if what they have only shows a slight margin of difference in what the Sun Nuclear indicated, I would feel comfortable using those home units to monitor.

Just to be clear, your test and theirs did not happen concurrently? If that’s the case then a “slightly” higher reading may just be statistical noise from fluctuating radon levels.

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Thanks Michael. The difference is several pc/l. i’m interested if anyone is using or has seen this kind of unit being used. I’m wondering if this unit is EPA or state authorized. I came across someone using a plug in unit they bought off the internet and they were testing in the crawl space. (wrong place to test of course). The agent told me that they had been testing with that unit for some time and no one ever questioned it. Upon checking the information it was not certified by anyone nor was the person using it. Apparently it was the buyer’s uncle who was in construction and never read the proper procedures. That is why I’m waiting to hear from this company directly but thought I would see if anyone else had heard about this unit.

You never said what unit it was…

Hi Thomas,
Never saw the unit but he said it was the one for home use. I was looking further and saw that it has 3 AA batteries that operate it. It appears to be the size of a cell phone from what I gather. I have sent an email to the company and requested a call back so I can gather more information. The client said it cost him around $180.00. That price corresponds to the home use device I have found online.
I’ll let everyone know what I find out as I get more information. Thanks for checking in.

Paul …

If you and I dropped our own radon detectors in a house 2-3-4 months apart I would fully expect the readings to be different. I would be suspicious if they weren’t. Your EPA training class told you that

Summer … Lower / Fall or Winter … Higher

I don’t see a question here

I tested my basement 3 years ago with my 1027 unit, it read 24. I had just gotten my 1028 and 1027 units back from calibration this last Feb. Put them side by side in my basement for 3 days. The levels went from 2.1 up to 33.4 during that time. They read about 15% different at the extremes, and within about .4 near the average of 19.4. I’m assuming the difference from 2 years ago was because I finished the basement, but who knows. After I had a mitigation system installed, I tested again with both units side by side, and they were still off, but close. 0.9 and 1.2.

But your main question is why is there such a difference in results from the 2 units. Obviously, the more you pay for the unit the more accurate it SHOULD be. Both tests weren’t done at the same time, so you can’t really say if one was bad just from that. But were both tests done under Closed House conditions? If you really want to know how good it is, ask to borrow it for your next test or go to their house and put your unit side by side with their unit in a house, same conditions and same time period, and see what happens…then you’ll know for sure whether that home-owner device is reliable or a cheap piece of junk. I would not worry about your Sun device being bad, it’s likely the cheaper device is inaccurate, but it may be interesting to find out how it does side by side.

I have a Corentium Pro. Don’t care for it. Don’t like the format, don’t like that it is always on, and more. Probably going to sell it. But no reason to think that it is not accurate. Radon levels fluctuate and can fluctuate a lot. I’ve seen differences of 5 pCi/l in the same location at different times.

For those comparing formats and reports, could you elaborate on what your cons are?

Just curious and it may be helpful to others looking to purchase.


How much do you want for the unit?

I have 2 Sun Nuclear 1028 units for sale. Both in great condition and fully maintained.

Dan- I was wondering about the actual detector this person purchased. I understand that the readings will be different from one unit to another and the time of year. The client was assured that the unit is absolutely correct. I’m looking for someone who may have come across this brand before. I still have not received a reply from the manufacture of the unit and am beginning to believe I won’t be hearing from them.

The Corentium Home is a continuous radon monitor. I’ve used it in conjunction with radon canisters and found they give similar results. I have recommended them to l clients who want constant monitoring. They are not EPA approved. I use the Corentium Pro for radon testing. It is EPA approved, but requires annual calibration. The unit costs $1,300.00 or can be rented from Air Things.

How much are you asking for the 1028?

We have 16 Airthings Pros.
Their units and reports are the best looking in my opinion. But their service and customer support is mediocre at best. If you buy the pros around Black Friday the cost was $1,000 per unit.