Is this the right place?

I didn’t slander anyone. Some sly inspectors took this opportunity to push a disingenuous agenda. That is true.

It was six refunds which amounts to roughly .0017 percent of our inspections. I would say a general case of unrealistic clients with unreasonable expectations. In simpler terms-you can’t please everyone, but 99.9 percent of them is fine with me.

Accusing a person of being disingenuous is tantamount to accusing someone of lying, If you cannot substantiate that you have slandered that person. There is nothing disingenuous about my opinion of the typical on-site generated report.

So as I understand it Juan Jimenez’s failures as an inspector are all his client’s fault? You also appear to be math challenged or are you simply being disingenuous (you understated your failure rate by a factor of 100). I used to think you had integrity. You seem to working hard to disabuse me of that notion.

You’re right. I had a brain fart about the percentage.

I would say we are always somewhat culpable. Perhaps we didn’t screen the client well, or didn’t set the expectations well enough. There’s always something to learn or improve on when we give a refund.

Other than that. I’m not interested in your crying. I made a true statement. We all agreed the report is pretty bad. Some sly inspectors used that as an opportunity to push a deceitful (to say it another way) agenda.

Deceit requires intent to mislead. It’s no different than accusing someone of lying and is slanderous if you cannot substantiate intent to deceive. There is nothing deceitful about my opinion of the poor quality of the typical onsite inspection report - it is my true opinion. You may express your own opinion, but you may not say that I am being deceitful in my opinion. Do you really want to continue to publicly challenge my veracity in what I express as my true opinion?

Is it really true that A House on a Rock Home Inspections posted Vanessa W’s report and personal information online or was she being deceitful? Is she one of the client’s who’s dissatisfaction was her fault?

She tore you up pretty badly on Yelp

Vanessa is amazing and we can’t thank her enough. In fact, I have been meaning to send her a hand written letter. Vanessa’s review did something I could not have done myself-she validated all of the other good reviews. Since her review we have more than tripled our business, and she has, and will always have my utmost appreciation.

That’s probably a good idea. I’m sure that she will be glad to hear from you. Hopefully you can resolve the remaining issues that she has with a House on a Rock as her last communication didn’t sound like she felt very appreciated

It seems like you have gained a great deal more experience in handling dissatisfied clients since then. You should think about posting her response to your note, like she said you did with her report and personal information.

I’m certainly going to try. Although I will never be able to repay her for what she did for us. It’s been invaluable.

Good for you.

A parting word of advice: try not to call her a liar in the process, even if you have a different opinion.

Ouch! Nine is astronomical!

They must have all been “crazy people” :wink:

I have partially refunded once, after I proved to the client his roof leak occurred well AFTER my inspection (wind must have blown a couple shingles off). I refunded 1/2 the inspection fee, strictly as a courtesy, and received about 4 referrals as a result.

Bullsh*t. If you had genuinely meant to send her a letter, you would have done so already!

Okay, I need to go to marketing school.

How does a bad review validate good reviews?

I always learned “do something to satisfy your customer, they will tell someone. If they are not satisfied, they’ll tell EVERYONE”

I would think one bad review would negate-not validate-the good reviews.

I have trouble getting client reviews at all, good or bad. It’s like surveys-people just don’t want to take time to do it.

Seems I have much to learn.

She didn’t have the “Warranty” widget, or “ReCall” thingy? Why is she getting the heat fixed after a “thorough” home inspection?

Just curious

It would also be nice to hear back from the OP to see if they obtained answers to their questions and concerns and how the situation is working out for them? I see the original post has been deleted.