New modified bitumen install

Did a roof inspection today on a fresh roof (2 days old). I am looking for your feedback regarding these pics. The flashing or lack of around the roof penetrations are concerning me a little. Furthermore, there is not much bleed out from the torch on, some of the end joints were barely overlapping the ridge.

They sprinkled some granule in areas of the roof penetrations and mechanical damage over some asphalt product(s).

What do you think of this new install? Thanks!

PICT0265 (Small).JPG

PICT0265 (Small).JPG

PICT0271 (Small).JPG

PICT0284 (Small).JPG

PICT0263 (Small).JPG

PICT0262 (Small).JPG

Not sure what kind of feedback you want as your pictures show the issues.
How bad did the drains gurgle?

Improper flashing techniques.There can be no excuse.
Do you have a broad view as the tiles look strange in size and shape to me.

Those are not regular 5 tab are they?

Just looking for feedback before I make the roofer totally mad! lol :slight_smile:

PICT0291 (Small).JPG

PICT0289 (Small).JPG

PICT0296 (Small).JPG

PICT0292 (Small).JPG

What a horrible looking install.
Looks like they may have left the old layer and do not forget about the vinyl chimney “wrap around” hiding the old chimney flashing.Silicone only lasts so long.:slight_smile:
Just curious but is there a fireplace at the end or another gas appliance?

If anyone should be mad it is the guy who paid $200 for the new roof.

It was only a roof covering inspection. Didnt see anything else in the home… Are you referring to the masonry chimney aluminum cap flashing with the sealant/caulking on the top? Got that :slight_smile:

Yep ,that’s Chicago style.
Saved lots of money having them do it that way here.:slight_smile: (still wrong).
That roof looks steep enough that they could have used shingles (or am I wrong)?

No it is a 2/12 maybe 3/12…

Not a great looking job when the details are exposed…from the ground it will look good!

Not sure I have ever seen attractive roll roofing.(mod bit or not)

Just a crappy roof install.

That metal flashing just caulked on top counter flashing is, indeed, called “Chicago style”. That’s pretty much the only way they do it around here. When I tell the roofers, they just look at me like I am from Mars.

I know a couple of brothers who are 3rd generation roofers around here and have, in the past, done outstanding work. Recently, I inspected a couple of roofs that they did and found their workmanship lowering itself to the crap we normally see.

I called them and asked them what was up. They told me, “Yeah, we know it was not a good job, but it is what everyone else is doing.” I asked them why they have lowered their standards. They told me, “Look, you can be the bes quality roofer in town, but if you don’t get any customers you just go out of business.”

In other words, there are so many sub-standard roofers that low ball everyone else and wind up setting the standards lower for everyone else, that the general public come to expect lower prices and don’t hire the good, professional roofers anymore.

Go figure :wink: