island venting

I’ve looked at the diagrams on here in other posts, but I’m still not sure if this plumbing is acceptable.

This is under the sink of an island on the ground floor of a slab. No AAVs. The cleanout appeared to be in the attic on the 2nd floor attic access. Thanks for any tips.

Called a loop vent. Also known as a Chicago Loop vent.


Thanks Jeff.

Another question with the island that is electrical: Are electrical outlets ever required to be on kitchen islands? This is the first time i’ve seen an island with sink, dishwasher, disposal and not outlets on the outside anywhere.

Yes… there should be at least one receptacle on the side of the island. Do you happen to remember the approximate distance from the back of the sink to the back of the island?


At least one receptacle outlet needs to be installed at each island countertop space. If the island doesn’t contain a sink, range or cooktop, only one is required.

The distance was probably 15-20".

Thanks Will, that’s what I was thinking but couldn’t find it quick enough.
Great diagram Russell, that’s just what I was looking for. Is that a newer code check version picture?

If it’s more than 12", than only one receptacle is required. If your town would go by the current code cycle and there was less than 12", than two recepts would be required.