ISN question

I was going to sign up with ISN but since I don’t have a website it wouldn’t let me. My question is can a person still use ISN without a website and if so would it be cost conducive? That meaning would an alternative service be more beneficial?


Hi Steve,

Sure you can! In the spot where it asks for website… just put N/A or none at this time.

Then, you are golden :slight_smile: Or call me and I can help get you set up and scheduled for training. I am at the main phone no.


Ext. 206

Thank you Michelle! One more question. I was going to sign up though internachi for the 90 day trial period. It says someting about internachi content only. Does that mean I can only use internachi documents during that 90 days?

BTW, that’s not me in my avatar. Apparently there’s been an oopsie somewhere. It has me in New York. I’m in Alabama near the Gulf of Mexico. Too dang cold way up there! LOL

Hi Steve, You may use whatever documents you wish :slight_smile: You just get to take advantage of 90 days instead of 60.

Let me know if I can help in any way. I agree… New York City = way too cold.

You will never go back…best decision I have ever made.

You might want to get a website too.

I agree. I’d starting using ISN and ACC several years ago and I can not see myself without those two excellent services while I’m actively in the home inspection business.

To make a document to be electronically signed do I have to do that before uploading it to ISN or can that be done in ISN?

Also, you will see my username has been changed. They gave me the same username as someone else at first.

Definitely worth every penny.You wont regret signing up.

If you send us your agreement (word or PDF) we will handle the rest :slight_smile: Nothing needs to be done.

If you’re not using ISN your working Harder, NOT SMARTER.

Michelle I have tried to call you twice and left one message.

Actually I am. Went through the training this morning and can’t remember how to do crap. I’m thinking of ditching it. Not user friendly at all.