What is the general consensus on ISN? I am doing the training next week and would like to know what you think. Thanks John

no brainer for anyone one busy enough to need help. my first 3 yrs I carried a planner everywhere I went. I spent all my time between appointments on the phone scheduling and calling back VMs. The planner worked fine until my part timer became a full timer and I couldn’t find a planner with enough space to write in… It also made an awful mess when I got a cancellation. give it a try. if it doesn’t work, cancel it.

It is great as long as you do a minimum of 5 inspections a month. I would not go without it now.

It works, devote time to learn the system…If there is a problem tell them…they will work with you.

Thanks look forward to learning the system. John

I absolutely love ISN. It has changed my business. I have a lot of my realtors trained to use ISN now so I can free up that time talking to them and concentrate on the inspections. Even when I am taking the phone calls for the inspections it is very easy to input the data. Not sure what I would do without it now.

Be wary when signing up for their Free Trial. I goofed and wasn’t paying attention and got moved to active billing and charged for 2 months when I wasn’t using it. I had assumed that after the Free Trial it would prompt me to continue or to cancel and it didn’t.

I still cannot locate where you can cancel your billing info in their system, so I think this is “by design”. Kinda feels scummy like those Credit Monitoring companies that bill you on the down low later. It’s a common business model these days. I contacted support and after about 30 mins, I got a call and was told they’ll have to delete my account to remove my credit card from it, and when I come back, they’ll give me an additional 30 days free.

HI Josh, If there is anything I can help you with please let me know. When you are ready we are here :slight_smile: If the ISN is open/active it does need to contain billing information. But, our team is really great if you have a concern that needs to be addressed. Just call us. We are happy to help!

If you get through the free trial and don’t realize keeping ISN is worth it, I’d say you have bigger problems than getting an unexpected $20 bill. :cool:

Greg, what do you mean by “I have a lot of my realtors trained to use ISN now so I can free up that time talking to them and concentrate on the inspections.”
What was it that you used to talk about with them that you no longer talk about?

So you knew it was a free 2 month trial and then when that was up you were billed for the following 2 months before you realized it? Do you not know who you are paying monthly? I would say that you are at fault as much as anyone.

By the way, I believe ISN offers InterNACHI members a 90 day free trial.

I have never seen anyone have any negative comments about ISN. You are the first.

What he probably means is some realtors simply go to the website scheduling system and schedule inspections without calling to discuss with the inspector about it. Sometimes the client will do it.

So now instead of the realtor calling and asking what his schedule looks like and discussing the size of the home etc all they have to do is schedule online. It saves them both time and accomplishes the same thing.

ISN is the best out there. The most important part is they are committed to development. New features are added regularly.

I actually like ISN and plan on using it once I go live, I’ve had a lot of things come up in my life that has kept me from taking the exam, so things are taking a little longer than expected. I wouldn’t say that my comments were negative as much as they were me sharing my experience with them and suggesting caution so others may avoid such frustrations.

I know circle jerking is a big thing in InterNACHI-land. And I’m sorry I said something “bad” about your girlfriend but, I prefer sharing my experience which is (you may want to sit down for this!) different from your experience and not drinking the Kool-Aid :wink:

It cut my work load in Half, We do about 100 inspections a month, I went from a 70 hr works week to a 35 hr work week.

ISN rocks

ISN white.jpg

This is a response from an agent to one of my automated emails ISN sends out to agents;

Awesome follow up letter Manny. Hope all is well.

Hope to get you more business in the near future.

That’s one reason why I love ISN.

@Manny, isn’t it awesome! Consumers literally have no clue you are not sending all of those emails manually! Gotta love automation!

Thanks for the great feedback, Chris

I have to say I was initially hesitant about spending the money but I can definitely contribute many jobs booked due directly too ISN and the automated emails. Sometimes I forget about them and I will get a call from an agent saying thank you for the email and I have to kinda go along with it. LOL I think this year just for the hell of it I am going to start a list of all the jobs or calls I get because of ISN.

Manny that sounds awesome! Please do share with us if you do! So exciting :slight_smile: