ISN - Spanish

I am starting to work with more Spanish clients with very limited capability to speak or read english. I am working on translation agreement & web pages and I see where HIP has a translation feature built in. Does ISN have such a feature so when it sends out the email to the client it will present in Spanish?

Thanks Ken

Hi Ken, We do not. However, you can take your document and use google translate and we will be happy to upload it for you.

You can always submit your request/suggestion as a feature request as well.

Thank You Michelle for your quick reply. I did find a free web site that allows me to translate my word & pdf documents to spanish and am now working on doing the same for my web site so I can also offer part of my web site in spanish as well. I’ll play around with a few email templates and see how far I can get. Once I have a few uploaded I may need some help… But until I play around with it - in particular one thing that comes to mind (that I haven’t tested yet) - just thinking out load is how I tell ISN to send the spanish email to a particular client - but let me see how much “trouble” I can get into and if I do run into any problems I know the GREAT ISN support is just a phone call away !!!

BTW - I was just "chatting about you with Verne from Digital Stationary telling him the awesome support you have given me …

Excellent Ken that is great to hear. Yes, our support team is Awesome. I am lucky to be a part of such a great company :slight_smile:

Be very careful with official documents. The State of Texas is used nationwide as a guideline for contracts in this regard. Their Rule of Evidence 1009 states:

Translation of a foreign-language document is generally admissible so long as it is accompanied by a sworn affidavit from a qualified foreign language translator, stating the translator’s qualifications and that the translation is fair and accurate.

Don’t go cheap and try some online translation. If you are going to be professional, get a certified translator and have your contract accompanied by the sworn affidavit. Now THAT will make you look professional.

I bet you could set up different email templates, and then create an inspection type that triggers the emails in Spanish.

Thanks for the advise Stephen. I’ve only done a few conversions so far and I’m going to have one of the local Spanish Realtor’s here locally take a look at a few of the documents and she can tell me how they look. If they are off then looking into a Professional may the way to go.

Hey Ian - that’s an idea I haven’t though about… Last night what I did was copied a few of my templates into word, ran the web translation and then took the Spanish conversion and added it to the bottom of the same template. So when you view it you see it both in English and Spanish. Added a comment to the top of the page (in Spanish) that says it can be read in Spanish if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Since there are only about 5 email templates that I send to the client figured it would be easier doing it this way vice trying to create all new ones.

I also found a “Google Translate Element” which is basically a javascript that I can add to my web site. When they are on my site it will allow them to select English or Spanish and it will automatically convert my pages for me so I don’t have to go through all the hassle of creating a separate Spanish site…Looks like this can also be used for many other languages as well.

This crap is the responsibility of your client, not you.

If I went to China to buy a piece of Real Estate, you can bet your *** I’d bring someone that speaks English and Chinese. There is a whole crap load of them in Hong Kong.

I don’t make people talk Norse to me…

This pisses me off as much as getting Mexican coin back for change from a purchase in a store…

The problem with computer translators is they often translate word for word and not with the correct grammar. Spanish grammar is pretty different than English grammar.

And I’d suspect it would be a similar issue with other languages.

We have many Spanish speaking people here. I do all business in English. The few times that they didn’t speak English they had a family member or a realtor do the translating. I have never had any complaints.