ISO: Historic Building Inspection Photos

We are searching for photos from historic building inspections. If you have any that you would like to contribute to an upcoming course, please email or reply here.

We are looking for photos of building designs and installations, materials, defects, and other conditions. Anything would be much appreciated— thank you!

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Afternoon, Maggie Aey.
Could you elaborate further on what you mean by, Photo’s from historic building inspections. Century buildings or Historical buildings?

Here is some photos of a 1941 house.

old radiator
Typical blue bathroom
Knob & Tube wiring
Stab-Lok panel
Structural clay tile


Old 1860 brick farm house built by Germain immigrants. Unusually large for this time period in rural Missouri. The owner was a brick maker and one of the wealthier people in the area.

Stone foundations P1820508
Acetylene Gas Generator for gas lights P1820560


Photos from 1907 house with upper floor.

Tie rod star attached to a rod connected to the floor joists used to hold back the outward push of the hip roof.


Hi Robert- we’re looking for photos of historic buildings. Either from residential or commercial inspections.

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Thank you @rmayo! Very helpful. We will credit you for any photos used.

House built in 1900 photo of original owners

Current Photo

Original 2x4 rafter roof framing for original cedar shake roof now replaced with plywood and shingles.





Thanks, Maggie Aey. I should have several. I am booked to inspect a 1830’s building next week.
I am sure the members have plenty!

Inspected this one last week 1834. Solid brick walls. The pics in the listing tell a lot. Will pull some of mine.

Rafters in the house were pegged. Each side had a corresponding number.
Looking at the outside brick, it appeared to have had a raised bed at some point. The floor joists in the basement behind that area were all rotted or bug damaged. Each floor joist had an adjustable post beneath.

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Lots of mortar deterioration. Things get tricky there :wink:

There was some. Overall the bricks and mortar were in good condition. I think the buyer is planning a full restoration.

Greg Neff
Nspect Home Inspections
Strasburg, VA 22657

(From a preschool inspection)