It Could Get Ugly in Some Cities

**Unemployment Offices To Add Armed Guards…

Benefits will run out across the nation… and it could get ugly.

I suggest we all try to fix this situation by voting tomorrow, Tuesday.

Some finally said it.

“The fragile U.S. economy will not recover until someone solves the issue of empty houses and their drag on everyone’s financial stability. Right now, things aren’t looking good. There may still be 10 million or so more foreclosures in the pipeline, on top of the 3 million from 2009 and another 3 million expected this year. There already are 19 million vacant homes in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Nothing would more quickly kill a fledgling recovery and further decimate everyone’s home values than dumping another 10 million empty homes on the market”.

I know this creates opportunities for us, but homes are just not selling. The buyers that are out there are having difficulty getting credit. Consumers that want to purchase homes will not be able to in the future because of their past financial problems.

Train is running down hill; and fast.

I have inspected a number of two and three year old “new” homes that have never been lived in this year. The prices are unbelievably low but the contractors are doing everything they can to get these homes off their list because of the drain on their accounts. Never been a better time to buy but people are scared to do anything unless they have a very secure job. Most of the ones I have done have been for government employees moving to the area; military and Fed gov’t civil service. Am doing a home this morning for an Air Force officer who has the property rented out but the Management company isn’t doing their job and keeping up on the maintenance. He came all the way from Japan to do this. Maintenance inspections for existing homeowners is virtually untapped goldmine.

I have been pushing maintenance checks for years. I have yet to get one. No one has the money for repairs either. Look at Home Depot and Lowes. You can go bowling down their aisles any time of day.

Putting $600 Billion into the stock market is not going to help me. Lawmaker mindset is backwards. I have been pushing pre-sale inspections for $150; not one phone call in 8 days. My house payment is over due. Since starting my home inspection business 9 years ago, I have not seen it this bad, at least here in KC.

Having failed to reinflate housing prices, the Federal Reserve is now attempting to blow another bubble. This time in commodities and stocks.

Kiss the purchasing power of your dollar goodbye.

Bernake is out of ammunition and is a proven liar. Why is he still there?

Just think if you taxed all imports 25%; even just 15%.

Let me finish your sentenance… How big the black market in foreign goods would be.

No one can escape what Bernake just did to devalue every dollar you own.

It is effectively a tax on everyone who buys anything.

Nice way to raise your taxes without representation, eh?

Wasn’t their a war fought over that?