Housing......Folks are concerned.

Our CBC national news had some stats from the US…

  • 53% of homeowners concerned about being able to make payments in future

  • 7,000,000 homeowners behind in mortgage payments

  • 9,000,000 foreclosures predicted by 2012

Hey, I’ve got an idea…to combat that, lets raise everyones taxes in January! Have you had enough hope and change yet?

change may be all you have left.

Things Will get better in time

Honest question Tim:

Do you really think it will get better in CA if you elect Jerry Brown? :shock:

That would certainly put the breaks on any recovery in our state, but we’ve survived poor governing in the past. I am much more concerned with passing Prop 23. If we don’t suspend the “green initiative,” we’re in big trouble. . .

The shake up is good for inspectors. About 1/2 of all buyers are first time and about 1/3 of all sellers are distressed. People are also beginning to move for employment reasons.

A little busier than usual for this time of year for me…

Looks like we will have Meat in the Tamales at Christmas this year Kids… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Tired of just the masa, eh BK? Nothing a little Pico Pica won’t fix! :smiley:

In the lean years there may be Hot Dogs in the Tamales, or no meat at all Joe. :slight_smile:

Take is a big bunch of numbers.
WOW I see the American dream is tirning out to be a nightmere for some.
I will say this again for I see the people realing behind there governments of choice ‘’ red or blue’s’’ instead of behind there govenment in power at the moment.
Its fratcuring the USA as a nation and as a people.
Its simple taxes go up after mistakes are made . So why is everyone divided? The boble talks about tax , its not a sin to say you made mistake.
Nor is it a sin to lower taxes after the sins have been understood.

Look do not get made at me, look for a solution and the numbers.

Add to that the homes which haven’t been gobbled up already are mostly dogs which need to be inspected. :wink:

And add to that the properties bought by investor/flippers which often get put back on the market quickly and inspected again by a new buyer.

I guess when one door closes another door is opened is a positive way of looking at it.

It’s amazing how values have changed. My value dropped about $35k this year. There are 3 houses on my street, all foreclosures on the auction block for less than $30k. Less than 18 months ago they were valued @ $110k.

It’s a sad state. Great for folks looking for investment properties. But there aren’t too many out there willing to take the risk.

investment properties around here would get that 110k appraisal and property taxes are 3x the price of owner occupied. in other words only a sucker would buy up these properties. sad state when its the taxes keeping these places empty. There’s no shortage of people looking for a good rental with people’s credit being crap.

Yes you can look at how homes have devalued in the past 18 months , but in my opinion they were falsely inflated to begin with.
Over the past 5 years the brokerage firms, banks and mortgage company’s falsely inflated them ( homes ) to a CRESCENDO. that lead to this disaster happening in the first place.
It is adjusting to the truer values and also the financial climate.

Robert J
I do not like the term ‘’ peoples credit being crap’’
Everyone in the WORLD has different capabilities in life.
It is only affording them a limited means of WAYS to seek shelter.
When greedy banks and a GOVERNMENT that has lost the ability of oversight to watch these peoples interest and STOP THE PIGS FR5OM GOING AFTER THEIR DREAMS ( a proper home )
And in-turn make it look like they can afford a home, GOING AFTER THERE MONEY.
That what this wholemeltdown was about.
You live in another world?
You don,t care?

Or are you jusr jaded to the fact that you have more and want to show it off and call people that have less ( credit being crap)?


Foreclosures here in KC up 15% from September to October. Things are not what they seem.

I am sorry Mr.Jade I did not mean to be so harsh.
I must be hard for some to get by is all I was trying to say.
Some days are hard on me and I did not mean to say that to you.

Mr. Young where I live I have to disagree with you. We have two types of foreclosures here.

#1 is the person who could have never really afforded the house to begin with and on his $30,000 a year job he drives a BMW, lives in a $300,000 buys all the latest and greatest media for his “media” room and then puts a pool in out back. Only to find out, he can’t afford it. Is it the banks fault? You signed for it, you got it.

#2 People CAN afford their house, and just because it dropped in value so much the decided to “give it back” to the bank. They are no financials struggles, but why pay for a $400,000 house when its now only worth $200,000? Get out from under it and move on.

I do not feel bad for the majority of these people. To me they got themselves into this mess. The banks did NOT put a gun to their head and make them buy the house, the BMW and the media room. People live well beyond their means just to “look” good.

There are always exceptions to the rules and some good people got the shaft. But there are a ton of Help wanted jobs here in SW Florida. But why work for $10 an hour when you can make that on unemployment?