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When we upload a report on fetchreport for the move-in certified program, we can see the number of views of the report. Is there a way to see the email addresses that viewed the report so we can use these for leads for future inspections and/or give these to agents for leads as well?
I believe Michael Rowan is doing this at Certified Pre-Owned Here’s part of their ad:

I believe this would be another incentive for agents to use move-in If this can be done, please walk me through the process.

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I brought up this same exact question couple of weeks ago…I think it would be great to be able to give leads to the realtors…Chris had said, if I understood him right, that it is something they are looking into but it may not happen for some time.

Like Mike said, we’re looking into different ways to use the leads that the MoveInCertified program can generate. It’ll probably take a little while to get something up and running, but it’s definitely in the works.