How Do I offer Move-In certified Inspections & Upload report to Fetchreport?

How do I provide Internachi move-in certified inspections and upload the report to fetchreport?


You first have to sign up with FetchReport using your InterNACHI username, which is free. You can then upload any inspection reports to the site. I use the site for all of my inspection reports. The client, and anyone else you choose (realtor) will be sent an email with a link and a password to access the report. After the report is uploaded you have the option to “Make public on MoveInCertified”.

Anyone can go to and type in the address, city and state and the report will be available to them.

I’m in the process of doing a pre-listing inspection and my plan is to have a copy of the inspection report in a 3 ring binder that will be labeled “Home owner copy - please do not remove”. It will have the Buy Back Guarantee certificate as the first page, the inspection report and a “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection” book since it is already punched for a binder. I will also print out a number (probably start with 20) of copies of the inspection report and put them in clear report covers with the sliding binder that buyers can take with them. I will also print out some postcards that will have the website and property address so that if the all of the reports are gone, they can at least have the information to view the inspection report. My thought is that anyone who takes a copy of the inspection report is going to be looking for a home inspector in the near future.

I am also considering asking the Realtor if I can be present for the open house to help answer any questions regarding the report for any potential buyers. I think that this would be great marketing getting to meet face to face with all of the buyers.

Also, I see you are part of the Buy Back Guarantee program. The guarantee is extended to the buyer of any home that you have provided a pre-listing inspection for.

Hope this helps!

Where do I go to sign up for fetch report? Thanks! - there’s a link below the light blue box.

What’s MIC? lol.