It should be illegal to televise high school football highlights right after baseball

It just makes baseball look even more boring that it actually is.

CUBS WIN CUBS WIN ha ha hoo hoo…oh a Pirates fan eh ?

Pigs do fly :slight_smile: See you in St.Louis :smiley:

Yeah maybe I will actually watch most of a game at some point.
That Cubs Pitcher sure is awfully good though as I seem to recall he only gets to play every 3-4 days at most.

How is that thug LaRussa doing ?..:slight_smile:

Typical for a pitcher, Bob. Throwing 90 mph fastballs everyday would not keep pitchers or their arms around very long :wink:

Go Cubs!

Tony is long gone, he’s with the Diamondbacks. Cards have now won the Central Division three straight years without him.

Who’s your pitcher tonight? :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad I am a Sox fan. :slight_smile:
Seriously though Cards are pretty good every year.

Cubs are not supposed to win …its their schtick.