Help! I'm being forced to watch baseball here in CO. What's with all the spitting?

I’m being forced by friends and family to watch baseball here in Colorado. They are keeping me awake with a cattle prod. What’s with the weird obsession with expelling saliva every few seconds? I’ve played football all my life and haven’t spit yet. Even the players who appear not to be chewing tobacco or bubble gum keep spitting.

Image. Sunflower seeds…and proving to the nation that they “don’t swallow”.

I didn’t know Lewinkski was in MLB.

Nick, I can understand why you seem so bored.


I think you guys might be on to something. It’s a sexual thing. Here is my thinking (NO OFFENSE TO BASEBALL FANS): This all-male game (note that I call it a game, not a sport) has a feminine counterpart. I think they call it *softball *and it is played by women and girls. But even in the all-male baseball game, I noticed that no one is tackling, blocking or getting dragged off the field in a stretcher. I’m not saying it’s a girl’s game or light in the loafers, but not much physically dangerous or exciting action IMHO. I have yet to see players from opposite teams hit each other or even bump into each other.

Maybe some higher up in MLB told all the baseball players that they have to do something to distinguish themselves from the gals. Seeing that most gals (at least the one’s I roll with) don’t scratch themselves down there or spit much, I figure that the male baseball players have been ordered to scratch themselves down there and/or spit regularly, to remind the viewers that they are watching a man’s game.

Ouch… just got cattle prodded again while typing this.

Nick, Time to return to PLANET NACHI!!!

Actually in a more serious truth the reason they all keep spitting is dry mouth from all the dirt and sand so you get that ick taste in your mouth so you try to get your mouth clean with your own saliva but who wants to swallow that…No jokes please I know I left it open. Thats from 8 years of baseball but I do like watching football better GO BEARS and BADGERS my 7 month old loves to sit on my lap and watch the game so it makes it even more fun. Take care all and go ROCKIES

I would totally agree its about exciting as watching paint dry.:smiley:

If you had this much gum in your mouth, you’d spit too.


Too bad the Red Sox stomped on the Rockies last night, ayyy?

They’ll do it again tonight.


I have never “gotten” baseball. It’s so slow and tedious. Just a game of nervous ticks, in my opinion.

But, I have to admit, that when the Sox won, I was glued to the set for every game of the world series.

Go figure :wink:

Will …clarify as White Sox.
Nick …be carefull ,as there is nothing sissy about softball with a new clincher.
Those things are hard as a rock and anyone whom plays has injuries

Thumb stills hurts after a 1980 catch playing third base. You and Will probably remember the Bank of Ravenswood where I was employed. We played at Wells Park and lost every game two years straight. I did win the batting title though. :wink:

Cool ,but I hate those new balls.
I like them broken In.Only reason I wanted outfield.

I love a good game of Baseball, sitting at dugout level, drinking a cold miller draft and chompin on peanuts. I used to get free tickets to all of the Braves home games. Sat right behind the dugout. My favorite game was Modified Murder, we played Football with a bat.

Outfielders had it made. They could smoke funny stuff while the batter was scraping mud from his shoes. :smiley:

"Re: Help! I’m being forced to watch baseball here in CO. What’s with all the spitting?"

Baseball has many ploys used to keep the opposing side off balance.

The player walks to the plate with his bat in hand, grabs his crotch and spits. After the pitch he returns to the plate, grabs his crotch and spits.

This routine continues for a few more pitches–and then, just to confuse the other team, the batter will spit and grab his crotch.

The batter’s teammates in the dugout watch for the confused looks on the opponents faces and then they bend over laughing.

Isn’t baseball a fun game? (Albeit, a mysteriously intriguing and action-packed 3 hours. yaawwn)

Erol, 12" or 16"

Why don’t you two take this conversation off-line. :mrgreen:

Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink: