It was 40 years ago today . . .

. . . that I graduated from OCS at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Field Artillery branch.

I know, I know. I don’t look that old!

Stop it. You’re embarrassing me.

Hey old man (I mean SIR), it seems like a few years, but I was honorably discharged by the U.S Army as an Airborne Ranger 26 years ago.

Oh, the memories still linger…

…and two years later I was born!

I miss My Friend Flicka, Rin Tin Tin, Route 66, and Sky King.

Jae, You have far too little hair for 38 :wink: Seven years later I was born.

My son, Seán, is now older by a few days [24.56 years] than I was when I got separated from active duty.

My dad was fond of when-I-was-your-age comparisons and I’ve acquired a taste for them, myself, of late.

Funny thing. Seán’s as unimpressed by them as I was. “Yeah, I know, D. When you were 22, you were a Company Commander in Korea.” Eyes rolling à la will-this-guy-ever-get-over-himself.

Now, it’s 43 years. I wonder if there’s anyone still in the Army who was in when I got out.

We covered some of the same tracks I was the HVAC mechanic in Snow and Knox hall Ft Sill okla in the mid 70’s I maintained the chillers for that cluster of buildings and had to listen to those Army guys whine about being to cold or to hot hard for a old Navy guy to choke down:D;-)

The year I got married and building a Zayre Store for the first shopping Mall in my home town. Man time flies. :slight_smile:

Joe it was 13 years ago that I retired from the U.S. Navy. What always makes you feel old is when you reaalize that people that were BORN in 1995 can join the Navy this year.

37 years later I joined the Marine Corps. If that is a current picture than you are right, you don’t look that old.

No one who meets me can believe that I am 65. Ben Garrison was stunned when I told him in Atlantic City last week.

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Juan, you need to learn to genuflect in Joe’s presence. It’s expected and well earned. Seriously, listen to him…he knows of what he speaks.

Did I do something to suggest that I don’t respect him? I had no idea who he was until today and I have been thoroughly intrigued by his website and articles. I have been reading them all for an hour now and I simply asked him a question.

Nope…never said you did. I was just extolling the virtues of Joe. Never mind.

It was forty years ago today, Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.

thanks for your service, Joe! Welcome home.

1st Bn/5th Inf

49 years.

Joe … You’re looking good.

53 yrs ago this month I graduated from Paris Island.

50 yrs ago in February, as a Scout / Sniper in Vietnam I got my 1st confirmed KIA, and 2 weeks later got my 1st Purple in Hue City from a bayonet in some house to house scuffling.

Oh the GOOD (???) old days when you could still scuffle…

I look in the mirror and I see an old guy. 3 yrs ago I went to the 50th high school reunion AND saw a butt load of fellow students, guys on the football team with me, past gf’s AND thought … “Holy Crap some of them look older that my grandpa when he passed at 93 yrs old”.