My little girl, all growed up.

My daughter, Liz, who graduated the Naval academy and is now serving, reached a mile-stone on Friday. She has been working on her Surface Warfare Officer’s qualification (which means that she can stand watch and conn the ship and be in the chain of command, etc).

She got it, and her final exam was conning the ship during a UNREP (underway repleneshment, at sea refueling, etc) whioch can be a hairy maneuver.

Here she is (photographed by the OPS of another ship, approaching the replenishment ship in the Persioan Gulf.

I’m kinda proud.

Kinda?..Be damn proud…congrats and I feel better with a person of her caliber keeping me safe at night…thanks to you and your family and her for the sacrifice she has volunteered to take.

Thanks, Russ.

She deployed three weeks after she got married (another Navy guy). She returns in December and then he deploys in February. Rough on them, but they say that it will be like having another honeymoon every 6 months.

Great attitude.

G-d bless them, every one.

Na na na na na na na na na naaaa. <<<< Navy theme ( albeit a poor rendition). Thank her for ALL of us!!!

That’s awesome Will!

What other message board has this kind of camaraderie where a man makes a post about being proud of his daughter and (I know) I swell with pride for him and he’s gets positive affirmation?
OK, I’m done with my Hallmark moment. Congrats Will. I think we’re all proud.

Totally cool Will!
WTG for your daughter!

Will, tell her that you were flooded by members here who are very proud of her as well!!! She can always use the encouragement as it can still get lonely and scary when you are out there!
Was smiling the whole time I was reading this thread…thanks for sharing a very personal and proud moment with us!!!

Will that is awesome. Be Proud, be very proud.


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Nice, Will! Please congratulate Liz for us…from another dad. :slight_smile:

Be proud!

Wow Will… that is so great.

Congratulations Will.

Be sure to tell her that a Home Inspector in Ohio is grateful & thankful her for her service.

We are proud in Canada also. You and your wife have raised a great daughter. Thank You!

Very nice Will. Congratulations.
You should be proud of your daughter. :slight_smile:

Glad to see that the USS Sullivans is doing its job.

Built right here at Bath Iron Works and proud to be working on them also.

Launched in 1995

USS The Sullivans (DDG-68), an Arleigh Burke-class]( “Aegis” guided missile destroyer, is the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for the five Sullivan brothers — George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert Sullivan, aged 20 to 27 – who lost their lives when their ship, USS Juneau, was sunk by a Japanese submarine in November 1942 in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (the first ship named for them was DD-537). This was the greatest military loss by any one American family during World War II. In 2000 a group affiliated with Al Qaeda attempted to attack and destroy The Sullivans, but the attackers’ boat sank before the attack could be carried out.[2]](

Congratulations Will.

Give her my congratulations Will, as a dad be very proud of her. Sounds like she will go far.

Congrats! Serving our nation is an honorable thing.

Congratulations!! Thank her for all of us.