ITA Inspection Expo 2008

Are many of you planning on attending this years expo?

Will, check the link you provided.

Just booked my flight from Philly last night. 2 round trip (non stop) tix = $600

6 nights @ Imperial Palace = $99.00 :cool:

Could of stayed at the RIO for $300 but the wife wanted to be on the strip this time.

Hey Chris;

Are those per night room charges?

Hey Mario;

I thought while people were viewing information about the ITA Inspection Expo, they might also join networking system.

It’s all about networking Mario. Are you “Linkedin” and networking on all the various other networking sites?

Much success to us few remaining home inspectors…:wink:

Still trying to get in.

For the best prices in Vegas you can often use priceline or hotwire. I’ve stayed at what was the Alladin for $35 a night as well as a few other places on the strip.

no, 6 nights for a total of $99.00 Me and the wife play a little poker in Atlantic City and Always at one of Harrahs casinos.:slight_smile:

WOW Chris! That’s a bargain. The last time I attended the ITA convention I paid $150/night at the Monte Carlo.

BTW My favourite hotel in Vegas is the Flamingo.

I don’t know how much of a bargain it is if I look up our win/loss statements from the past 5 years :twisted:

Last year we stayed at the RIO total cost= $250.00 for 5 nights. This year the Rio, Flamingo would of cost us $300 Caesars, Paris, Ballys would of been $1,000+ :shock: … we’re happy with the 99.00 room at the I. Palace and the Flamingo is right next door with Caesars (great sports book) across the street. Saving money this trip by having the wife actually attend the damn convention this time! :mrgreen:


Have you ever checked out the auto collection at the Imperial? If not, you have to see it. It is one of the 10 best privately owned auto collections in the world!

No I didn’t, me and the wife where there around 1 am with the last $100 we had for the night …needless to say we where heading back to our hotel 20 min later.

We will definitely check it out … we are going to be there 7 days after all. :twisted:

Put the brakes on the gambling brother! Take it from me, a somewhat reformed gambler!

I have a very strict budget, It is my only vacation … I only lose on what I know I can afford. My Vegas trips are always less than than spending 4 days in Hawaii :mrgreen:

Also friends that visit Las Vegas at least once a year highly recommend subscribing to the Las Vegas Advisor.

Great 2 for 1 coupons to restaurants, shows, hotel stays.

I get free rooms at the Rio. I might just head out there again, come October. 8)

Do you play a “Little” poker as well?:wink:

As a matter of fact, I do. . . just a little. . .

Looks like we’re going :smiley:

I look forward to seeing you there!