Who is going to the Expo in October?

If you are going to the Expo in October and would
be interested in helping to promoting CMI, please
contact me at <info@texas-inspection.com>


Thanks! :smiley:

I just registered with ITA. The fee is $399.00 if you register by August 17th. You also receive an additional 10% discount if your a ITA client and or Student.

Room rate at Planet Hollywood is $139.00 throught ITA… I found rooms at the Tropicana for as low as $49.95… There’s a broad range of room pricing in Vegas.

I just landed another sponsorship.

Pro-Sight property inspections is sponsoring the truck and lowboy to pull the Ultimate Inspection Vehicle http://www.nachi.org/nachitvuiv.htm to the ITA show in October.

Many thanks to Chuck Shaughnessy of Pro-Sight!

We have to drain all the gas out of it and had to buy a special insurance policy to get it up the elevator to the convention. NACHI TV will be there with some awesome stuff.

I never pay for a room in Vegas. I’ll be staying in a suite at the Rio :wink:

Jeff, just leave the tables alone and pay for your own room, it’ll be cheaper :wink:



But that wouldn’t be near as much fun. . .

When I grow up, I want to be just like Jeff!:cool:

I don’t understand gambling at all but Jamie from PRO-LAB gets a free suite every time. He basically agrees to put so much in play, but then he has figured out a way to put much in play without much chance of winning or losing, so it ends up costing him nothing. He does it at the craps table. Maybe someone who understands the game can explain how one can put much into play without much risk.

That’s never been my “philosophy.” Craps can be as “safe” as roulette, if you know how to play it - but then, you’re not really playin’.

Mr. McKenna,

I’m not going to the expo, but I would like to volunteer my services to perhaps create a nice brochure, one-sheet or whatever (as long as its not too big a project) to help you further promote the benefits and value of CMI. I am swamped, but I’m sure I can find a couple hours here and there to contribute to a good cause such as this.

Just let me know.

Same here :wink:

I sent you an email.

Got it. Responded.

Historically the only way this is done is by cheating. The odds are heavily against the player everwhere in the casinos.

Worst odds in a casino… roulette… good way to piss away a lot of money in a short period of time. I got burnt at the CREIA show in Reno. It’s blackjack from here on out for me.

These casinos are not in business because the house loses routinely.

You don’t understand gambling… you don’t like baseball… I don’t understand YOU! :wink:

Well, you could bet both the come & the don’t come the only way to lose is then is to roll a twelve at which point you push.

For those who are looking for the very best odds in the casino and a game that has a low house edge and is easy to play then baccarat may be an ideal game for you. The house edge on the best bet is only 1.06% and playing is almost as simple as betting on the toss of a coin.

Baccarat Strategies are based on mathematics.

The most popular is the 1 - 3 - 2 - 6 baccarat method. With this method you keep track of what you bet over the course of four hands. The objective is to bet a little with the potential for a larger return. Start the progression with 1 unit, win bet 3 units, win again bet 2 units, win again bet 6 units then start a new progression. With this specific baccarat system, you can risk two dollars for a return of ten. If during the progression you lose you start over at the beginning.

Gambling is sort of like business…

It’s all about money management!