NACHI 2008 Convention (survey)

Hey folks,

If you have a chance, please take a few moments to answer a couple survey questions that will help us choose the best location and format for 2008. It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

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Las Vegas


What time of the year?


Right on Greg. The ITA Expo was a great success last year, it was hard to make it to all the training though, I’m only allowed to go to Vegas if my wife comes along, we had a great time there. I lived there for a couple of years, so during the EXPO we stayed in a Hotel OFF Strip, cheaper, quieter, and better odds on the “machines”, once you’ve been there an have seen the “lights”, go local, save money, and play better odds. Plus of course attend the convention.

Also I’d like to see spouse’s allowed either free or for a small fee to the non-inspection or training functions, so that they can attend things like dinners and evening happenings.

What good is this survey when I took it once form the link Chris gave and then received 2 e-mails for the same survey today?

I didn’t take it 3 times but I could have.

I think it has been posted many times that wives can attend for a much reduced rate .
I think I paid ($50:00)? for my wife in Floridia.

$50 would be great, but it seems to me that it was much higher for Orlando last year, I thought it was a couple of hundred or more, maybe that was the ITA EXPO.

Of course if the 08’ Convention is $99 like the 07’ it wouldn’t matter.

It was only $50, I think my wife was in Trial during the time so she couldn’t come.

Center of the country - Chicago. :cool:

Why aren’t there more choices of cities around the country. There isn’t any representation of the midwest. Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Indianapolis just to name a few cities that are huge with convention buisness and some of these have the biggest airport hubs in the country to accomadate all types of schedules and price choices.

What about Denver? The Democratic Convention is being held in Denver, its in the midwest, and it has one of the largest airports in the country.

Since when is Colorado in the midwest???

specifically Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are the midwest.

If there is no warm weather (and no beach), I ain’t going!

Geese la weeze its close enough

LOL:D :smiley:

Alright…I’ll give you a cigar for being close enough, or is that no cigar for being close??:smiley:

You just had a Convention in the Midwest, in Toronto. Last year was in the East, Orlando.

Most natives West of the Continental Divide consider Denver to be in the Mid West, the West begins at the Divide.

It’s the West’s turn…Vegas!

If the geographical center of the US is in Kansas, Colorado’s in the midwest. Denver’s a good choice.

Vegas or Colorado would be best :smiley:

Vegas gets my vote.

Do airplanes even fly into Colorado?

Vegas 08’:cool:

If there in good shape to make it up thid high