ITA Inspection Expo

CMI is considering a display booth at this years ITA Expo in Las Vegas. Are any CMI’s attending this year? Would any of you be willing to help staff the booth?

Thanks in advance…

How come the other associations have a logo on the page you
listed, but NACHI does not?

Another ASHI mis quote too:

American Society of Home Inspectors
ASHI is the oldest, **largest **and most respected professional Association of Home Inspectors in North America representing its membership of 6500 plus inspectors and the profession as a whole in areas of education, marketing, legislation, and communication. Drop by our booth to obtain information on the ASHI products and services as well as our membership materials.

I sent them an email…

I’m guessing NACHI didn’t purchase a booth at the expo. I’m not sure if NACHI normally has a presence there or not.

Either way, CMI could have a separate booth display from NACHI, no?

I just got an email… NACHI has not signed up yet for this expo.

So do you know if someone is going and wants to man the booth and oh yes,
the money…? … $1175.00


I was thinking about going. I think Jeff Pope goes every year. We’d need four to five people to help service the booth over the span of the event. I’ll look for more help.

The money however, is an entirely different issue. Will the MICB cover the booth/expo expense?


Hey Henry;

You being our resident web host, computer guru, online expert extrordinaire… Is it possible for you to bring a laptop with some sort of slide show program that could continually run through the CMI website pages? Or, possibly show some of the CMI member websites using the CMI logo in their marketing programs.

I’m assuming the Planet Hollywood expo area will be set up for Wi-Fi service, a second lap top with printer could be set up to allow prospective designee’s to fill out an online application on sight…



Table for the Expo is secured and banner being made as we speak.
Flyers being designed and on the way. CMI is going to the EXPO!!!

Way to go guys.

I know your going to have a great time in Vegas. :slight_smile:

John, please expound upon what this would have to do with your booth.

At first I was suprised that NACHI was not attending this expo… but they
are going… I just spoke too early. My question about NACHI going
to the expo was not related to CMI’s booth.

This will be a great place to display and exhibit CMI. The majority of the inspectors present will not be from NACHI. This is CMI’s first public step forward as advertised to provide Certified Master Inspector designation opportunities to all qualified home inspectors, regardless of their HI organization.

I believe for CMI to grow, survive and succeed it must cross HI organizational party lines. It has been standing still, idle as it were, very near NACHI, only because know one was taking an interest in the designation on a management and existing designee level. That has all changed over the past 30 days.

Confucious said “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way”


Due to medical reasons it looks like i will not be able to make the ITA conference. Will is going to need some help for the CMI booth. Any volunteers?

Expo was great, we missed you guys, Nick had a big offroad vehicle there in the vendor area, and a couple of hotties to go with it. Problem was, I did not see many of you guys there as I was pretty busy, be well.

I registered and paid for it but something medical came up and i was not allowed to fly. So they made a 400.00 tip on that one

I registered and paid for it but something medical came up and i was not allowed to fly. So they made a 400.00 tip on that one