HardiPlank Follow up

So the hardi plank guy could not make it in time to do the inspection but I sent him the photos and explained the situation. Here are the photos

hardie 001.JPG

Here is what he said in response to my defects noted

• The fiber cement siding appears to be HardiPlank. Not all of the manufacturers instructions
were followed. Defects noted were:
No starter Strip – Aesthetics only, not a warranty issue but if the siding can be pulled up it would allow you to slide a piece up under the main piece to kick it out
No 2" clearance above stairs or walkway (porch)- must be cut out and trim piece flashed. I would use PVC for this 2” spacing
No 1/4" inch clearance above horizontal trim- this has to be done for drainage of the wall system
Exposed plywood behind a few areas of the siding (see enhanced photo)- easy fix, just cut some light weight coil stock and slide up behind the joint, use 18ga. Brad nail to hold in place
No 1inch clearance from the gutters and no kick out flashing installed- take regular step flashing and cut the bottom at a 45 degree angle and install. This diverts water from the wall and must be installed. This can cause warranty issues, but as well an easy fix

The red were his comments on my defects noted.

I have not heard from the builder

hardie 001.JPG

Thanks Juan. Good job. I’m glad you were able to make contact with a rep. It’ll be interesting to here builders response… admitting it was incorrectly installed.

I am glad that I have a leg to stand on now if the builder says that I am full of it. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this one.

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Nathan that is a photo from the whole front of the house that I zoomed in on and cropped to show him the gutter. It’s distorted pretty bad. There was a gap. It wasn’t quite 2 inches but it was close

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Nice call out Juan.

Juan, just give them a copy of this and you’ll have two legs to stand on


Thanks Rob

Thanks Brittian. Nice link.

All the best Juan.

Nate just getting into your book.
You grew up in a home full of rich ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.
I always wanted to visit INDIA.
Before I die, I hope.

Thanks for sending me a soft copy buddy :slight_smile:
Its a great read.
All the best buddy.
We will converse on day shorty. Promise.

Does that include house wrap such as tyvek?

I think Nathan is meaning liquid form petroleum products. Tyvek is made from ethylene, only one of the gases present in natural gas. I think the premise would be the same as holding gasoline against your skin or wearing a tyvek suit.

I did not know how to reply to Mr. Braun’s query.
Great example and lesson. I did not know that ethylene was from natural gas.
Time to open up the chemistry/material query for materials.
Thank you. Much appreciated.

So Juan, what’s the builders response?