Jetted tub filling

Do you believe it is appropriate to use the jets to fill a jetted tub? To clarify, a residential jetted tub with a wall faucet but no spout to fill the tub, only water supply to the tub is through the jets. Comments?

Sounds stupid to me. ](*,)

How about all that splashing that takes place when the jets are on, but are not submerged? Most tubs throw water EVERYWHERE.

How do you rinse your hair? What if you want to take a bath without the jets on?

What about washing the dog? Snots ain’t going to like it none! Might get bit.

routinely see jetted tubs
but what you describe
would be a first in over 10 years…

The jets don’t need to be on to fill the tub, they just provide a means of the water entering the tub and there is a separate button to activate the jet pump.

Still dumb. All you can do is let the buyer know about it and say it is “unorthodox” (I love that word).

Wouldn’t that type of set-up result in a cross-connection of the dirty tub water to the potable water supply of the home? Unless there was some type of back-flow prevention on the hot & cold supplies which I seriously doubt.

Does not sound like it is jetted as much as it is a supply.
Perhaps all spray is from the water supply pressure.

As long as there is an access panel I would run it and check for leaks.

That’s what I’d call it…

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These units have what are called, “integral fill systems”. The water is supplied directly to the pump and certain fill holes that share the same hole as the jets. There is an anti-siphon valve installed in the main line to avoid the cross contamination. These are a more upscale spa unit than the Big Box store $600 special. If I remember correctly, they are also plumbed to accept 3/4 inch supply lines due to the size.

Stephen came up with that answer 3 years ago.

unprofreshionable crapsmanship…

Yes, you are correct. For every question that gets asked we should go search to see if it has been asked and answered before. I’ll be sure to do that in the future. :roll:

Much more important, the fact that there is such a thing as an “integral fill system” is good to know and new knowledge for me at least.

Thanks all, first time I had ever seen one plumbed like that. There was no access panel and water stains on the ceiling below.

I was hesitant and wondered what was going to happen when I turned the faucet on! :shock:

Your welcome :roll:

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