Whirlpool Tub Plumbed Through Jets?

Anyone ever seen a whirlpool tub plumbed through jets. I thought this was odd. There was no spout for water supply and the tub filled through four of the six jets. This may be a common thing in some areas but it just threw up red flags to me.

I’m not sure how that could function properly Ken…I think i’d want to see a manufacturer’s spec sheet saying that was ok before i’d buy it…jmo…jim

Never seen this in GA. Sounds like Uncle Bob might have had a few too many to drink. Do you still control hot and cold the same way? And is the plumbing for hot approved to carry 110-115 degree water if you just run hot?

I’ve never seen such an installation, but there would have to be some type of anti-siphon valve or back-flow prevention to prevent a cross-connection.

Like Jeff stated, this removes the air gap that you would normally have and could be a cross connection if not otherwise protected.

The possibility of cross contamination is of course my main concern. I was wondering if the airflow adjustment could possibly work as an anti-siphon device or not. At the least I am going to recommend further evaluation and to check manufacturers recomendations. Here are some pics also.




Absolutely not.

Thanks Jeff. Recommended further evaluation.

What did it look like underneath? Was there service opening?

These units have what are called, “integral fill systems”. The water is supplied directly to the pump and certain fill holes that share the same hole as the jets. There is an anti-siphon valve installed in the main line to avoid the cross contamination. These are a more upscale spa unit than the Big Box store $600 special. If I remember correctly, they are also plumbed to accept 3/4 inch supply lines due to the size.


I’ve seen a few of these. The first time will really mess with your head…
I would be more concerned about not having access if there wasn’t. You quickly understand the system by just looking at them, if you have access. Seems to be a big problem here.

Thanks for starting the thread. I’ve never seen one, but am now prepared. That’s pretty cool. It has a clean, clever look to it.

I like the fact that you can essentially flush out a few of the jets after your done using it, keeps the mildew buildup down.