Job opportunities for home inspectors.

Thanks for this post nick, I have contacted them and will let you know what i hear.

OK, I said I would let you all know how this went, I went through the rather long hiring process with these guys, and am now officially working for them, I have 10 commercial inspections to do for them the week of May 8. These are limited in scope annual inspections for the lenders, it pays by the hour for any administrative work and the inspection, plus by the hour for any driving time, in addition to 40.5 cents per mile. They seem very free with what you can claim as working time, including time spent studying the volumes of forms and other paperwork. all in all so far they seem like a great company to work for, won’t make as much as a home inspection but it makes for a great extra income, and you control your own scheduling for the most part. it’s all too new to comment much more than this, but I am liking it so far.


BTW thanks again Nick

I have contacted them also. Their listing of areas covered does not include Georgia (my territory); however, if they are expanding as rapidly as they seem to be, I may have a bit of fill-in work in the near future.
Dreck Watson

They are good folks, and I did some work for them in late fall.
There were gobs of updates and changes to prorocols and procedures always coming out, and I could not dedicate the necessary time to keeping up with them.
There is no one “standard” method, as there are several types of inspection forms & reports, depending upon the specific lender which they represent for each property.
Maybe I had too many things going on at once, but it was a challenge for me to keep up with the myriad of emails and updates, so I discontinued.

Again, they seemed to be fine folks to work with, though.

I did my first inspection for SAS last week. If I hadn’t returned the email and said I would commit to it, they would have gone on down the NACHI phone list of guys around here, and it would have gone to another member for sure. Quick 100 bucks, 24 photos, no report forms to fill out, just my narrative on my letterhead was all they wanted for this one. I wasn’t offered the mileage rate to go the 1/2 mile to the job, boo hoo. I don’t expect any problem on being paid, I’ll let you know if they drag out beyond 2 weeks. I’m Looking forward to more of this type of commercial filler.

John, I don’t know about if you are just contracting one inspection like that how they pay, but I am on the regular payroll with them and will get paid every two weeks for any work done in the pay period ending the previous week, just like most normal jobs.