Hi All

Hi All, just signed up for the forum have been watching and reading the posts for sometime now. I feel like I know some of you.

Anyway I am pursuing my Home Inspectors License for the State of NC. I completed a course at the local community college and just passed the State Associate license exam. Next I’ll be working with a home inspector doing field training.

This is something I’ve been interested in doing for a while but just got off my you know what and started the ball rolling. Like a lot of you I’ve been on the other end fixing a lot of things the inspectors find. sorry to say I don’t quite fit the mold over 50 but not retired (ha ha).

As time and money permit I’ll work on joining the NACHI until then I continue to watch, learn and perhaps contribute once in awhile to the forum.

Take the NACHI exam three times, then take every NACHI educational course at least twice. Go on at least 100 inspections with another inspector. Then, take the NC courses. Choose a home inspection reporting software (or create your own like I did). Get insurance, attorney advice on the type of company you want to start and have the attorney read the language in your forms. Purchase the NACHI narratives, read everyone at least twice. Buy and read “Inspect and Protect” by Dr. Swift. Read every one of Joe Ferry’s blogs at http://www.joeferry.com
then, and only then, you may be ready to go out on your own.

State classes never teach you about business, only about inspections. Take some business courses at your local college. Etc, Etc.

Hey Ken, good luck with the business! I think you will find NACHI the best bang for your education dollars, join soon.

Welcome Ken

Welcome and good luck.


Ken, here is the key to success in this business: www.nachi.org/success.htm

Thanks for all the good info, suggestions and links. I expect this to take at least a year before I am ready. so in the mean time I’ll keep watching learning and exploring the site.