Joe Farsetta blew the room away today.

Got a few reports about how great Joe’s Well Inspection course went today. Nice job Joe!

Next stop is 10/21 in St. Louis.

Well water contamination is a serious issue in our state. This class, and subsequent certification, comes at a critical and opportune time.

Haven’t you Missouri folk learned that the little shed around the well isn’t an outhouse? :wink:

oh now…I have to jump in here.i am a true missouri feathers are gonna get ruffled.Our water contamination in Missouri stems more from all the tourist’s being herded thru areas where septic systems are the only means of sewage disposal!! Bransons actual sewer system has always been over loaded and many communities near there have no sewer sytem ,but rather old septic tanks.none of which drain pr5operly due to rock and clay ground.We also have a problem with our streams and rivers being over populated by human litter bugs and meth makers…and many trailer parks and subdivisons here are on septic systems above the lake…and we all know what runs down hill.water contamination is very big issue here.for the most of us here we know where to put the out house and we diffinatelty know the difference between it an a well house…it’s the city slickers moving in here who need to know the differnce.industry is also a big issue as many companies establish in rural areas to save on taxes,then they are not regulated enough …until they get reported for possiable sewage contamination to the near by streams!Poultry and hog slaughter for example.Serious issue’s lurk here in Missouri and i look forward to the seminar.
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Come to the seminar I’m bringing to your neck of the woods. You wont be dissapointed.

She has RSVP’d, Joe. Sounds like you are in for some challenging questions from the floor.:wink: It’s going to be a great class.

I agree!

An Outstanding Seminar!


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Frank Carrio Twelve One October 8, 2006
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Greetings to all!

Wow! That is all I can say! Yesterday we had a terrific course presented by NACHI’s own Joe Farsetta! Talk about a top notch Professional, and Dynamic Speaker!

Joe put on one heck of a well planned, informative, and highly educational seminar. We had professional and well established Certified Home Inspectors, Consultants, Educators, and an Engineer or two in the audience.
We all were in agreement this was a well thought out, educational, worth while, and valuable course! We were all learned a lot and we were happy that we came. The written test at the end had more than one inspector sweating!

I would highly recommend this course to all Chapters, and more importantly I would highly recommend Joe Farsetta as a speaker, and as an educator.

We were lucky to have him!

We had inspectors from out of State attend this seminar and one traveled all of the way from Rhode Island! He told me that the quality of this course made the trip and overnight stay well worth while.
If fact, every Inspector who attend this seminar told me that they were more than pleased with the valuable information that they had learned.

Joe, On behalf of the New Hampshire State Chapter of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors {NACHI} and every inspector who attended I say THANK YOU!
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Far Out Joe! way ta go!

So, Joe, what does it take to get you out to Coeur d’Alene, ID?
We’ve got plenty of wells here, and a lot of inspectors can come over from the Spokane, WA area, too!


Let’s coordinate a date.

Without giving away the content of this class I can safely say that Joe Farsetta covers all of the topics that you mentioned.

We have a LOT of wells in New Hampshire {My well is 480-feet deep} and the majority of inspectors in New Hampshire were all looking for a good Educator to bring us up to speed.

All I can say is…Man O Man we were not disappointed! Joe definitely has his stuff together and is on top of this subject.

I would HIGHLY recommend his course to anyone and everone regardless of your association affiliation!

Once again, ***WAY TO GO JOE!!!\:D/ ***

Well Seminar (Small).jpg

Well Seminar (Small).jpg

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