Joe Farsetta

Myself and David Moriconi the Secretary/Treasurer of MAREI (Missouri Association of Real Estate Inspectors) went to the 1 Day “Commercial Inspection” course taught by Joe in St. Louis this past weekend.

This guy is a trooper. David and I are halfway from Kansas City to St. Louis (4.5 hour drive) and we call Jim B. to let him know what time we’ll get to St. Louis and he tells us this absolute horror story about how Joe’s flight was late getting from some weird place on the East Coast called Newart (or something like that) to some place we’d never heard of named Phil’s Delphia ??? (another place East of the Illinois State Line).

Anyway, Joes flight is late from Point #a to Point #b, so theres no more flights from Point #b to St. Louis. So Joe gets a flight from Point #b to Chicago (Point #c). Then due to another delay and waiting on Tarmac missed his connection from Point #c to St. Louis. Its now after midnight in Al Capone town, and no more flights to St. Louis till next day - BUT - Joe’s teaching NACHI members early next AM - SO !!!

Here’s where it gets really hairy. The man rents a car in Chicago in the wee hours of the morn and drives all night from Chicago to St. Louis just to show up at St. Peters, Missouri on Saturday Morn - walk-in - take a breath and start teaching.

David looked at me on the way home AND said, “I’m sure glad it was him, cause I don’t think I like anybody well enough to do that just to teach them”.

Way to go Joe!!!

Good job Joe

Now that’s dedication.


I applaud your true dedication to this group of Members. With what you’ve been through in attempting to make this course happen, you are absolutely…THE MAN.

The average Joe would have come up with some corny excuse to cancel out or postpone this event.



Right on, Dan.

And then…on top of the “trip from hell”, he presented such a well prepared and informative class.

We were all lucky to be there.