Joe Farsetta SRO Dallas, TX

I wasn’t able to attend today’s seminar but did stop by to introduce myself to Joe, John Mc, and others on my way home from work. The room was packed with inspectors from across the state and many other associations.

I’ll be talking to numerous associates to get their spin on Joe’s presentation and may post my findings.

I hope everyone that was able to attend gained from this experience and much success in the commercial arena.


I was flattered that you took the time to stop by. It was a genuine pleasure to actually meet you.

Thanks again and the very best of luck.

Joe F

Great class Joe… I enjoyed it… and it was a packed house.
BTW… Joe teaches like a NY gangster… LOL. …
Hey, whatsamatter for yous…! He did inform us that he offers
free beatings to gumpy clients as an ancillary service.

Just joking… it really was a great class and many said they enjoyed it.

Joe, one compliment after another poured in since you gave this class. Nice job. Sorry we overbooked it but it looks like you squeezed everyone in.