JoeT has been beaten by a Floating Plug Strip!!

I guess all good things come to an end, my floating soap bottle has been beaten! Where is that thing anyway? :roll:


Those foreigners really can’t be that brainless.

This picture had to be a joke…Not LIVE.

By the way, I love the slipper supports.


I think the pictures were taken in Denmark?

I just changed the numbers and found a few more.

Joe. It’s still an American record. This picture is from Europe by the looks of the cord strip.

Just look at the license plate of the auto in the background…

I still think this was set up to look like idiocy.

I agree. I didn’t see and bodies under sheets.:wink:

Also, who would take that many close-up detailed pictures of a retarded move, anyways. This was set-up.

I guess you’ve never heard of You Tube. :mrgreen:

What’s You Tube?

Electrical Inspection Videos

So a little boy dies because these idiots didn’t pull an inexpensive municipal permit, which would have corrected their choice of 14/2 ungrounded wiring. I didn’t know they even marketed this type of wiring.

This makes me want to tape Tic-Tracers to my fingers before I even decide to touch any sort of household component.

Hey that’s a “storable pool” Mike will tell you there are no rules. :wink:

Darwin at its finest!

On You Tube there is less of “electrical inspection videos”, and more of people’s own personal versions of “stupid human tricks”.