BIG NEW WAY for InterNACHI members to make money! Thoughts please.

I can’t give you an opinion yet, as I’m still in the middle of taking Kenton’s course (DANG, IT’S LONG) and in the middle of taking my HERS Rater training (DANG, THAT’S LONG TOO).

Did I mention DANG


Onwards and upwards!

First glance I like the concept. More later after review.

I Like it. Nick I am currently on the Ft. Lewis Sustainable team working on the same concept.

Robert, let me know if you guys come up with anything we should know about.

will do

As many know, I am building a new home. I looked at this Nick and applied what I have done as well as what I intend to do to the house…The result? I built Green.
A lot I already knew about, but I also learned a lot from this BB and other sites as well. Keep up the good work.


Here is the form:

Looks like a good way to get something going in this new territory.
I look forward to contributing in the future .

1st page, left column, the box under “the roof slope 3/12”, is missing the “r” in —for—


What happened to page 1? I looked at the form earlier today and now everytime I bring up the 3 page form, page 1 is completely blank. I have tried refreshing my browser several times too.

Good catch Justo, thank you.

The idea is good. The problem is that “Green” is really just a concept when it comes to residential structures. In this case, what does green really mean? Are we talking about the impact of manufacturing the products used or are we talking about the carbon footprint of the home itself? There are many angles when it comes to green, and there is much debate going on. If we are to proceed with green certification , then we need to have a clear definition of what green really is. Who’s philosophies and standards are we going to follow? Green is the future, but we need to have a solid foundation in our certification.

The Green on line class is great!

Is there a copy of this certification that we can use for marketing?

You might be over-thinking it a bit. I understand, I tend to do that too. The checklist speaks for itself. The sign is just a hint that there is something else good about the home.I would suspect that more checklists and “classes” (Above Class I/II) may be in the future as green building evolves.

Hey Nick,

Where are images for the Move In Certified “Green” signs?

How does it look?

Gee. I printed the green checklist and actually completed it for a couple of trial houses and one condo building. Looks pretty slick and seems to give a rather realistic quantification. Neat.

Thanks Harry!