My Project got a Leed's Silver Certificate

Well, now that I have a Leeds Project under my belt, they want me to become Leeds Certified.
Man oh man, more studying. Don’t get paid for studying,:mrgreen:

I guess one is never old enough to learn new things, and means to be at or at the same level as others, you have to keep up with the new.

Who ever said making a living was easy?

Well, here you have it, now I have to learn all this stuff. Great, like I have nothing better to do like finding a job. :wink:

My project made the cover of the manual.

And the first page of the study Manual

Now all I need is a little bit of luck in the study part. :wink:

Damn, I’ll be pushing Daisy’s by the time I benefit from this one. :mrgreen:

Wonder if I get CE’s for this one?

Congrats Marcel !!!
Aww… you love learnin’ and you know it!
And, yes, since you are ed-u-ma-catin’ yerself with knowledge that is directly related to the Home Inspection Industry, that should qualify for CE’s, per Nick


Way to go Marcel!!! Keep up the good work.

Another outstanding project by Mr. Cyr.

Congratulations Marcel! :smiley:

Thats awesome Marcyl, good luck on the LEED studying/testing. They recently changed it and I heard it is quite a bit harder now a days. However, you should do fine with your background.



Thanks guys, and man, there is over 500 pages of study material in there.

Well, like my wife said, no job, you got plenty of time. :mrgreen::wink:

Marcel, have you ever thought of getting involved with weatherization for the state of Maine? With your background I’m sure you would do well in the quality control end of things.

Could possibly be right Peter. That is probably the only thing they can afford right now instead of buying a house.
Conserve heating oil.
Is that something you are doing your way or offering?:slight_smile:

Nicely done, Marcel!


Yes, I’m doing weatherization for the state of NH, but here they have hired about a dozen new auditors to oversee the work.

Why auditors involved, is this a State Funded program of some sort?
Is there a set of guidelines for this program?
I will have to check Gov. websites to see if this is happening up here.

This program is funded by the stimulus money. The auditor goes to the house in does a blower door test as well as a combustion area test, they write the scope of work and return after the work is completed to do a quality control inspection.

I went to a REPA meeting yesterday and there was a guy there from Maine who was very familiar with the Mane program. I’ll see if I can get his contact info. for you. I know this program is funded for two more years and could be a good fit for you.

Thanks Peter. :slight_smile: