Jumper between two breakers?

Jumper between two breakers…Why?
The bottom breaker goes to a generator switch.

Can’t really tell from the photo’s, can you explain with more detail how this is wired? Two jumpered circuit breakers on the same phase will be come additive in ampacity so if you jumper two single pole 20 amp CB’s together you will get a single pole 40 amp CB.

Without knowing all the details, my guess would be either the top breaker or stab for the top breaker is bad and the branch circuit conductor wasn’t long enough to land where they wanted. They just used the terminal as a junction point.

The detail are …There is a jumper between two breakers.
Say you know or move on…A good guess is accessible…Yep!
I’ll take it.

Looks like a home made 30amp breaker, Id call it out.

The electrician removed it.

Just trying to contribute. Since you do not know why it was there, how can anyone else just by looking at a picture. I will move on.

It could just be a matter of different experiences. I may have seen things that others haven’t so the picture makes sense to me but was goobletegook to others. That is what makes these forum so helpful. You can tap into resources you might not normally have access to.

A generator was mentioned so my guess would be to transfer 120V on both legs so that power would be available throughout the home by the 120V generator.

Not a safe practice if that is the case.

I was thinking of that too but both CB’s are ON in the photo. If it were set up as you suggest then there would be a line to line fault under normal power. Now the jumper is across the same phase so no boom. :slight_smile:

I do appreciate your reply. However, that’s all I had to go on.

thank you everyone for your honest reply. I’m still trying to figure out why! a balance circuit towards the generator switch? I don’t know. I’m no expert by a long shot. However it really gets under my skin when I don’t know why! I may never know! And that ticks me off