Jumper wire in sub panel

I have never seen this in a sub panel or main service panel. This wire was jumped to a middle lug in the subpanel. Is this anything to be concerned or not allowed?

Terminations are, probably, not labeled for multi conductors…etc.


Looks like a 3 phase panel not approved for use as a single phase usage .
Twin taps not approved

That is what it appears to me that the electrician took this panel to three phase for the pool pump. We didn’t do a pool inspection on this one so I was not sure about the pump being three phase. My narrative would be

The sub panel located to the right of the main electrical panel appears to be a non-workmanlike installation as there is a jumper located inside the panel with an additional lug. I recommend a electrical contractor further evaluate and correct this issue in a correct manner.

I agree, a 3Ø panel being used for 1Ø via the jumper to the B phase.

Yes a 3 phase panel gone redneck style 1 phase

The panel would still only have single phase. The B phase would be feeding 2/3 of the breaker spaces. They should have used a single phase panel instead of a three phase panel. I don’t see it being a problem with the exception of the double tapped lug.

The lug with two conductors is most likely not rated for two conductors.

The pool pump is only single phase 240 volt.

I do not see any electricians saying it is OK to use this incorrectly.

Not an approved panel for single phase use .