sub-panel or second service panel?

Called out the double tap, missing bushings and three conductors only to the sub-panel. Although I’m calling this a sub-panel it looks like the panel is not suitable as a sub-panel.

Do you agree that the double tap should be eliminated, bushings installed, the sub-panel replaced and four conductors used to feed it?



Nuetral wire wouldn’t hurt to be marked. The sub panel can have a ground bar added, the whole panel doesn’t have to be replaced. The nuetral bar is already isolated. The 2 small circles on the other side are small holes under them for the ground bar mount. (most likely)

You have found a real mess here. In my professional opinion a DISASTER waiting to happen!!!

If the first panel is the service panel, then those taps are service taps.
The lugs they are terminated in are not designed for that type of connection.

It makes the conductors heading toward the “subpanel” service conductors and they are not protected by any overcurrent device - very dangerous!!!

What kind of wiring method is this - cable, raceway, open conductors?

The subpanel is required to have 4 conductors installed. 2-phase conductor, 1-neutral conductor, and an equipment ground conductor. You could suggest they eliminate one phase conductor and have the conductor terminated to a single pole breaker in the service panel… that would make the “subpanel” a single phase panel, no 240Volts available.

The conductors are not properly identified. Neutrals and equipment grounds in the “subpanel” need to be isolated, separated.

Taking another look at the “subpanel” installation… the way it is wired, the circuit breakers will not trip due to any kind of GROUND FAULT, as there is no equipment ground conductor or bond for the fault current to follow back to the panel supplying the “subpanel”

Very, very bad installation… if I were you I would recommend a professionally licensed electrical contractor to fix this IMMEDIATELY!!!
This will most likely be a fairly expensive change

Jeeze John. . .


Crapola…That panel DOES have some serious issues…

From the triple lugged Neutrals, to the Double Tapped Main Lugs and not to forget the cencentric rings on that panel are not in contact at all…bushing would probably do no good here…it is a mess…

As well the sub-panel is totally not installed correctly…as Pierre has stated…

I wont bother wish us listing all the things wrong here…90% of them are obvious but yes…DEFER to an Electrical Contractor right away…

BTW…notice all the slimline tandoms…I am sure THIS panel is rated for a certain number of OCPD…safe to say it is beyond what the panel is listed for…

Is copper and aluminum on the double tap a " special " issue on top of the rest… Is this a double trouble corrosion issue…