Sub- Panel Question

Looking for a comment on this sub panel. Neutrals and ground are terminating on same bus and terminating under same lug.

Looks like a 3 wire feed. If on the same structure as the service panel, it’s wrong. You can’t float the neutral on a 3 wire feed.

Feeding from main panel to this sub. This is a lake home and this sub panel was on land at the dock

It may have been ok before 2008. 3 wire feeds are not allowed anymore. If this is shore power or feeding the dock outlets, it needs GFCI protection.

The neutral and ground under the same terminal is incorrect.

The 3 wire feeder was allowed under previous codes with no metallic path between buildings. The neutral was again bonded to ground like a service.

Also appears NM cable installed in an outdoor conduit/damp location which has been prohibited for a while… 2000? Could be UF; hard to tell.

5 lugs on the bar for a panel with 4 breakers…

I agree could have been compliant as a 3-wire feeder prior to the 2008 NEC but it does appear that there is a bare EGC in the feeder raceway. The enclosure is not bonded because there is no bonding screw.