jumper wire

The local bldg. inspector wants a jumper wire installed across the water meter. Apparently he does not realize that all the water pipes are plastic. (it is a double-wide home) What is the solution?


Ground rod

The solution is to point out to the inspector that the piping is plastic. If he still insists on a jumper, then call his supervisor and explain it to him.

This is of course, if you are not trolling us.

When all the piping is plastic, you install the jumper with 1/4" polyethylene tubing for a 200 amp service, and monofilament fishing line for a 100 amp service.

Too funny, I never new monofilament was rated that high :wink: is that the same for both CPVC and PEX?



The plumbing main service entrance(if metal) is the main grounding electrode. That HAS to be grounded, bonding around the meter is required if the “system” is of a conductive metal. This tends to be a very touchy subject in different jurisdictions. Some electrical inspectors require bonding around the meter if there is even ten feet of copper pipe after the meter. If you want to know what the national electrical code says about it, check article 250(article 250 is very long but its in the first third of it, ill look up the exact article later).