Shouldn’t this grounding wire be connected to main water line below the CPVC? Also found the ground wire from main panel on the outside hanging a foot above the ground.

Note: Sure looks like plastic service pipe to me, so what would be the point of attaching a grounding/bonding wire to it? Look for a grounding rod or other type system (UFER?)

Like Jeff I suspect a plastic incoming water line. That is just a bond jumper over the meter.

Looks to me like it is either a changed meter or they have installed a meter where there was no meter before .
The installer is just following instructions he has no idea about why he just follows directions.
The directions said meter must have a jumper installed .

This is what I found outside, grounding wire not connected to anything/broken off

That may be an accessible point for the required intersystem bonding.

I have cpvc main line also but a copper water line from the city thru slab with about 8 inches copper exposed out of slab. Is it possible this is the same but with a black sleeve covering the copper main city line. If so then peel it back and connect the ground to it and another jumper from that copper over the cpvc to the copper line under the meter

If this is the electrical copper ground wire, it should be clamped to the metal incoming water line. Use caution with outside grounds, as they may be for phone/cable, and may not be compliant for the main electrical panel.

Regarding the water pipe, if the section below the slab is metallic, and 10’ or more in contact with the earth then it qualifies as a grounding electrode and must be connected to the structure grounding electrode system. If it does not qualify as an electrode but the entire piping system within the structure is metallic then it must simply be bonded to the structure’s GES. The bonding connection can be at any point along the system and is not required to be within 5’ of the entry of the pipe into the structure.

Solid ground wire seen in top main panel, it should be connected to a grounding rod…correct?

It could be a bonding connection. If I was a gambling man, I would bet that solid copper wire on the right hand side, going towards the ground, is your GEC. Probably an ufer.

The conductors outside look like intersystem bonding for phone, cable etc.