Junction Box for ejector

I’m sorry that my picture from the inspection didn’t come out well. The attached image is the type of junction box that the ejector pump was plugged into. I was wondering if it is correct to NOT have the “cleats” that grab onto the stud. It is secured, not well though, be being screwed into the stud. Does it need the “cleats”? Best way to describe what im talking about is where you would actually hammer the “cleats” onto the stud as well as screwing in.


The best I can show is what I found as far as the “cleats” I am talking about. Sorry if my question doesn’t make sense. :frowning:


Its a standard Surface mount Box Not ment to be flush mounted in a wall. We Called them a utility box … Roy,
should have two screws fastening it to the Wall It should also have a ground screw in the box where the dimple is for the grnd wire.

Only had one screw fastening. It will be in report to repair. Thanks!!!

Roy is correct about it being a surface mount box.

That box may be too small for the usage too.

Electricians call those handy boxes. Although they’re typically used for surface mounting I see no problem with that box if it’s securely mounted to a stud or box bracket and flush with the wall surface. Box fill is usually a problem with them especially when there is a device installed.