Square D panel enclosure used as a junction box--Is it OK?

Can a Square D panel enclosure be used as a junction box?
Here is an example of one that I found that’s being used as a j-box.
This seems highly questionable and improper, but I’m no electrical specialist.

Yes, but I believe it has to lock or be screwed shut…like yours.


a very expensive J box , but I see no problem with it…

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Good to know, @lkage !

Thank you for weighing in, @jmckee

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See it all the time. Usually occurs when a new panel is installed and the wiring needs extending.


I had to do this exact thing. I lived in a house a number of years ago where the panel was actually installed in a kitchen cabinet. I installed a new panel on a wall adjacent to the kitchen cabinet wall and upgraded the service. I used the old pushmatic panel as a junction box and extended wires to the new panel from there.

I made a cover to fit over the new junction box and it was screwed closed.

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Well now that you mention it, the configuration makes more sense to me. Thank you for sharing, @rkenney .

It makes more sense to me now that you and Robert have brought this to my attention. Thank you for sharing, @kleonard .

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