Just about to get started as a new Inspector

Hello all;

So I am just about ready to launch my business as a Home Inspector here in British Columbia.

One major concern I have is how best to approach Real Estate agents; I’m new to the area I’m living in and have no base of contacts yet. I have the agent who sold us our home asking me to reach out to her as soon as I receive my license #, so that’s a start, but I need to make a great introduction to the overall market. I have 9 competitors in a 120 mile radius of me.

Any thoughts on how to get my name out there in front of agents and prospective clients effectively?

There is whole bunch of marketing information on this message board that may be of help.
Website, company logo, handing out business cards to EVERYBODY you meet. Just a word:
don’t count on RAs. I had about 10 personal friends, involved in the realty business, when I got started in 2005. Guess how many of those personal “friends” recommended my inspection company to any of their buyers?..…………. Wait for it! ….0

Best of luck

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Hello I am starting this course. Shout of from KC MO.

Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)
Here’s some tips for ya…good luck.