Marketing help for a newbie. Please help!

I’ve been in the construction field most of my life and made the decision to become a home inspector this past year. Well, my wife is a real estate agent for a big name company and they all knew I was studying and when I completed my training they all knew, but seem to be skeptical of refering me to clients, possibly cause they know I am new to the field. In the past 6 months I have only done 1 inspection, which was absolutely great and the clients were very pleased.
I over heard one of the agents tell another that they were worried to refer me because I could be too good at it?! Anyway I have been putting off marketing cause I kinda thought I would get more jobs at this big named place. So…I have decided to quit putting my eggs in one basket and to start marketing to other agents in the area.
I have got my web presence up pretty good so now I have to beat feet. The problem guys is I am new to this, regardless of my construction experience. How do I market myself to these agents effectively as a newbie without setting off alram bells and such? I am quite capable of doing this and I really enjoy it, but I have do get business.
Please if you can help me out with some ideas I would appreciate it! You got to start somewhere. And has anyone done the postage stamps marketing thing? Did it help you. I joined InterNACHI to learn and become part of a network. I hope this will work! Thanks

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Do a search for marketing on this board. Enter your city of residence on your heading. Your subject has been discussed on this board countless times.

Russel Ray

I suggest you read and study the book

Get in contact with Jeff Pope, he’s a regular contributor here (when he’s not on vacation) and married to a realtor. He can let you in on his secret on how he gets all of his wifes agents to use him exclusively for home inspections.
The other inspector who was a regular contributor here married his same sex partner (who is a realtor) and I can only imagine how he get’s his referrals.:wink:
If all else fails, buy lots of donuts and get some durable knee pads and lots of mouthwash.:wink:

I knew that was coming, and I cant stop laughing!!! HA HA!!

Linas, your to funny


Good choice with your website host. Now, follow his tips and tricks for SEO to get your site moving up the ranks in Google. Start now.


Yup, Wesley work your tail off with your site and you’ll get the calls! Make sure to participate in the link exchange and other tips we have on our board and here on the NACHI boards.

I just put a link on my website that goes to yours. Just to help get you started.
Missouri Inspectors Link