Just got a double MIC inspection.

Seller hired me to inspect his home to find all the defects. He is going to have them corrected. Then he is having me come back and inspect it again and make it MOVE IN CERTIFIED.

Yes, I’m charging twice. Thanks InterNACHI.


Inspect the seller’s home for the seller.
Inspect it again after repairs have been made.
Inspect the home the seller is buying.

Who will be the first to pull off a triple hat trick?

Why did I know you were from Colorado?

MIC inspections are huge in CO thanks to our Denver Chapter, especially former chapter President Jim Michael.

Former Chapter President?

He might be current President, I’m not sure. I don’t actually know. Yesterday, Jim Krumm stopped by to pickup some stuff for the upcoming Chapter meeting. He would know for sure.

I push them every day. Seems like a “No-Brainer”, but they won’t sell in North Florida.

I’ve done plenty of re-inspections for 4 Points. :smiley:
I’m going to try to advertise MIC Inspections to realtor for their clients. :cool: