Just passed NHIE... I have some questions

Hi Folks, I just passed the NHIE in TN and am looking forward to starting a new career as home inspector. I spent 35 years as a painting contractor and really needed a change. Anyway, I figure all my years experience in dealing with homeowners and real estate professionals, assessing the condition of houses, and writing detailed quotes will be transferrable to the home inspection biz. What I now need is real world experience in the process of inspecting houses, and I figure the best way to get that is to go to work for an established inspector and learn the ropes. My question is, Do I actually need to get the state license and required insurance to work for another inspector? I have no qualms about doing it if it will help land me a job, just wondering if it’s a requirement. Any other advice on getting some real world inspection experience?

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Welcome to our forum Scott!..Enjoy! :smile:

Welcome to the forum Scott have fun and good luck. :+1:

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I don’t care what you think you know, you won’t likely get hired without some formal knowledge…


Scott, you might try to contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring.

Here is the link: https://certifiedmasterinspector.org/members

And the link for CPIs: https://www.nachi.org/certified-inspectors

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Hi, Scott.

We have everything you need to be successful in Tennessee. Please visit https://www.nachi.org/licensing-and-certification/us/tennessee. There, you’ll find state-specific information including our free, online pre-licensing course (required by the state) and special-pricing home inspector insurance (required by the state), free online CE (required by the state), and radon certification, and much more.

If you’re performing home inspections, you’ll need to be licensed. So the answer is, Yes.

For real world experience, I recommend practicing home inspections on your own house. This is what we teach in the free, online Master Class for Home Inspectors at https://www.nachi.org/masterclass.htm. We also recommend practicing performing inspections with software on houses of your family, friends, neighbors and real estate agent associates.

You can also to virtual ride-alongs with certified master inspectors on https://www.nachi.org/webinars/2018/free-online-live-how-to-perform-a-home-inspection-class and https://www.nachi.org/webinars/2020/detailed-home-inspection-standards-practice-1.

We also have Mentors at https://www.nachi.org/mentoring.

But that’s just a part of what needs to be done–the inspection technical training. The other parts are business and marketing. You have to work on the business and marketing aspects too. At the same time. And fortunately, we have everything you need in regards to those things as well. You can take the Master Class for Home Inspectors, which covers those topics, or you can start with a training video: https://www.nachi.org/webinars/2018/free-online-live-business-and-marketing-tips-for-home-inspectors or take the business course at https://www.nachi.org/become-home-inspector-business-course-101.htm.

Hope that information helps. If you ever need anything or it all seems overwhelming, feel free to reach out to me or your Education Team at education@internachi.org.

Thank you Ben! I’ll get started with this. I’m dedicated to becoming a home inspector.

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Congrats!!! Great job. Any advice? I need to take it yet. Working on radon now. :clap:

Nicole, take these until you get in the 90s consistently:

InterNACHI practice exam: https://www.nachi.org/qa.htm


Edit: Often, there are more than one right answer, choose the BEST right answer.


Hi Nicole, Tho I did pass the NHIE on first try, it was more difficult than anticipated. The wording on the questions was much different than the NACHI study material, and there were many questions regarding contracts and the business end of home inspection that the practice quizzes and tests did not prepare me for at all. I found myself making “educated guesses” through a lot of it. That said, I’m glad to be past that hurdle and am now getting all my requirements and insurance together to apply for my TN state license. My plan is to get hired on with a larger inspection firm to really learn the trade well. Anyone in TN hiring?

Thank you Larry!! Big help!! I appreciate you!



Thank you so much for the advice! I passed the exam. Next stop…Radon.