Just raise the debt ceiling already, we all know you are going to continue spending.

Who do you think you are foolin’?

You’re going to keep raising the debt limit.
You’re going to keep spending.
You’re going to keep printing.

Why the phony facade?

Hold The Line

Unless my Tea Party gets control of Congress (I don’t see how until the dollar crashes), our Federal government is just going to keep spending and spending and spending. And it appears the Federal Reserve is going to cover all the spending by printing and printing and printing.

And yet they want more regulation and government-run programs. It’s insane.

Could not agree more! It is all smoke and mirrors!

Now is the time. Let it happen. The real Obama will appear.

The government takes in $225 Billion a month, and the interest is only $19 Billion. Why are they calling it a default? The credit card is full. Time to cut spending.

Does anyone realize (yet) who they voted for?