Just topped 700,000 free click-throughs to member's inspection business websites.

LMAO…Nick I have said this before…and actually quoted that before.

Its not the case Nick…I can SHOW you exactly where every click comes from, I can see it on my website.

Instead of saying the same thing over and over and getting the same responses over and over.

Why not say…HMMMM…maybe it does not work as I thought. I will have my IT guy look into it and see how we can make it better. Would that be so hard?

Maybe test some of the clicks.

If 700,000 clicks leads to 100 inspections then my god we had better start WEB PAGE NACHI. How can ALL of the inspectors get little response to this? Consider this Nick…just CONSIDER THIS

Are 10,000 inspectors wrong or 1 NACHI founder? See the odds Vegas will put on it…

You may have read Dale Carnegie How to win friend and influence people. Remember the part where the guy has the note in his wallet that reads “Maybe he is right?” Think about it…maybe we 10,000 are right and you (1) are wrong. I know its a stretch to believe this given the odds…But just maybe…

I hear ya, believe me, I hear ya. I got tired of hearing people say that InterNACHI’s sites don’t generate click-throughs to their inspection business websites. And I got tired of explaining that consumers don’t surf with a pen and pad next to their computer, recording what site lead them to what site which lead them to your inspection business site, and of course consumers don’t know to alert members to this sequence even if they did make a note of it.

So we now just send every member an email once a week showing them some of the click-through traffic we generate, where it came from, and what time it came. All together, 700,000 free click-throughs where generated for member’s inspection websites this year. Check your inbox for our weekly email report customized to your inspection website.

As for your complaint about you not converting our traffic to fee-paid inspections, I have no technical access or legal authority to change your site.

We can only generate traffic to your inspection website. We have no authority to put something on your website that compels these consumers to call you. I have no access to your homepage to put something like “***About to buy a home in xxx? Call me for my free report regarding yyy which is an issue in the town of xxx.***”

Then when they call, I can’t answer your phone for you and sell them.

In other words, we can only lead the horses to your water (click them through to your site), you have to make them drink.

My web counter shows that I recieve an average of 19 hits a month from InterNACHI (does not include the forum, CMI, My articles and news releasese). This is a 19 month average.

Whether or not the hits turn into a sale is irrelevant because that is beyond
Nick’s control.

InterNACHI provides the required 16 hrs of CE that my state requires free, plus
hits to my inspection page. I count the forum as a huge benefit, but I am not
going into all that at this time.

I check Google Analytics everyday to see where my site traffic is coming from. I have at least 3-4 referrals from nachi.org as a traffic source. I am not sure if it works this way or not, but if guys were clicking the links in my signature, I think it would show up as direct traffic and not a referral.

I have not received an inspection from nachi.org, but that may be because what I have to say on my site sucks. I am the first listing on page 1 of all of my keyword cities such as Medford NJ, Home inspection and not getting much from my sites either. The most traffic that I get is other inspectors looking for link exchanges. I can tell by the referral source.

Maybe what I have to say sucks for my market. I will just keep working at it until I have the right mix.

If I count ALL the hits I get from the InterNACHI forum and other locations,
my total hits would average over 60 hits a month. I am only counting
the limited sources from InterNACHI search engines and my inspector listing.

OK, I’ll buy in that maybe iNACHI has gotten it’s members 700k impressions in 1 years time, not click thru’s.

Even if it was 700k click thru’s, we can all agree that these visitors are not considered targeted leads. They mostly will consist of:

  1. Other iNachi members doing searches on other inspectors in there area

  2. Other inspectors such as ASHI and NAHI doing searches on there competitors

  3. New or potential new inspectors looking to get into the market. Doing research. Also searching terms like ‘‘sample inspection report’’ or ‘‘inspection agreement’’

  4. Consumers doing frivolous searches like ‘‘inspector e&o’’ or ‘‘how much does an inspection cost’’

  5. People that accidentally stumbled onto that inspectors or iNACHI’s site. They may be researching or use the term ‘‘how to repair drywall’’

So we can all agree that iNACHI may generate tons of ‘‘traffic’’ unfortunately it’s not quality traffic that will help our phone ring, or translate to inspection jobs. This is another reason I’m not a huge fan of the iNACHI articles. It’s great for traffic or ringing in newbies, not much use for getting inspection jobs.

I hope that makes a bit more sense of where or what type of click thru’s are visiting your site.

My whole thing is like some things around here, they’re 1/2 truth’s. I’ve tried to give positive advice, others have too. iNACHI could really make this a win-win. Open a thread with a think-tank group on how to improve the iNACHI member search portals. I don’t care about iNACHI getting traffic, good for iNACHI. But don’t say that it’s directly benefiting it’s members and insinuating that it’s getting us inspection jobs.

Overall a small issue in iNACHI world, it really needs improvement and really need to be carefull on what image you’re portraying.


Maybe you’re using the incorrect term ‘‘hits’’ but ‘‘hits’’ don’t really mean much in the stat tracking world. Especially just 60 a month. What you really want to pay attention to or look for is ‘‘unique visitors’’.

I think some critics have confused traffic with fee-paid inspections.

Anyway, here is a little 1-question quiz which might help you edit your website to increase conversion rate:
The sole reason my inspection company phone number is displayed on my inspection business website is so that people who want to hire an inspector can call me. T or F?
If the answer is T, you might want to work on your website.

In reading the post here I can see views of both sides.

In truth and not to piss anyone off.

What I have seen from this particular forum is:

Nick states X amount of leads are being generated to inspector webistes.
Nick has show lead tracking.
Nick has shown us up to the minute detail of click through leads.

Members are arguing that the system is not working.
Members have not shown proof via their own tracking systems.
Members have not shown a breakdown of where their leads are comming from.

in the eyes of an unbiased viewer I would have to say Nick has presented his case and shown substatial proof to back up his claims.

I would like to see someone post their tracking results that show where website leads came from over the past month.
Take the report that was emailed to you from Nick and and your own tracking report and post them both here side by side for us to see.

I would do it myself but I am not currently utilizing such material untill the end of next week.

I use a different web site host and see them but do not know how to post them. But when in question, See post #2. I will try to fidna way to copy and post here. We shall see.

My counter only measures only unique visitors (good point).
I know the difference, trust me.

Here is my month

The InterNACHI search engine and inspector listing (not the forum) are going to generate more targeted HITS than your general search engine like google… IMHO.

Any search engine or directory listing that is devoted to only inspection listings, is better than being found by the general key words people throw into google.

How many are trash, I do not know. Any search engine or directory listing is not going to give you 100% customers only. You will always have trash.

Nick provides quality visitors to my website. He can do no more.

How many of these “Leads” were me checking the system out?


I ask everyone where they got my name from and to date I have done 3 inspections as a direct result of being a NACHI member. It may not be 100’s of inspections but I’m happy with that.