Just topped 700,000 free click-throughs to member's inspection business websites.


too funny…

inachi email…Since 10/25/2010, InterNACHI has sent 3 inspection leads to your website, <http://www.dwellingdoctors.com>.

the links that were clicked…10/28/2010 at 02:38pm http://www.nachi.org/memberlist/featured/k.htm
10/28/2010 at 02:08pm http://www.nachi.org/AZ
10/25/2010 at 11:01pm http://inspectorseek.com/results.php?q=85016&range=40

None of those links are MY web site…

nice try though.

Getting a little picky are we…:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Can you believe the coincidence…I just passed 0 inspections from these clicks. Just think if I double that next year!

hell Russell, you seem like a hard working good guy to me, I hope it Triples.

There must be something wrong here Nick. I’ve been a member going on eight years and I can count Inspections as a result of direct leads on one hand. I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin. You guys have started sending me reports showing hundreds of leads but they’re not converting into Inspections. The results do not appear to be in sync with the enormous amounts of leads that are claimed. Wish it were so.

??? How would you know how your customer found your website? Your customer doesn’t even remember the series of sites that brought him to your website, let alone have some reason to tell you. “Hey John, thanks for scheduling my inspection, BTW, I just wanted to tell you that I found your site by searching on… which lead me to… which lead me to… which linked to your site. Tell Nick.” That’s why we are sending out emails each week to all members showing the traffic we generate for each member’s site.

InterNACHI generates a huge amount of consumer traffic that we redirect to member’s sites. For example: According to www.alexa.com, just one of our click-through generators www.InspectorSEEK.com generates as much traffic as the mini-minneapolis association’s entire site.

A portion of our consumer traffic is originating from consumer searches that result in the consumer landing on one of our many inspection-related articles in www.nachi.org/articles.htm Then a small portion of those consumers who are looking for an inspector click on the InspectorSEEK link at the bottom of each article. Then a small portion of those consumers click on a member’s site. The small portion of the small portion of the portion adds up… adds up to 700,000 click-throughs to member’s sites this year: www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

Kind of an insight into the amount of traffic we handle each day.

So the clients that find me on the web don’t know how they found me (my site, number 1 google ranking), and I can’t seem to track where the clients come from (google anlytics) and yet some how just because someone clicks an INACHI web page (probably staff or a vendor wanting to sell me crap) Nick you are telling me that 100% of those people click through to my site…

That is some funny stuff.

Nick are you really ignoring all the stuff people are telling you? YOU…keep telling US its working. WE keep telling YOU its not. When will YOU listen to US?

Hell there are people getting “clicks” that are not even their company and you say they are. In case your confused. Go to post #1 of this thread.

I love ya Nick, but when the people speak, ya gotta listen.

hey, I am all good, I am not here for the imaginary site clicks.


Call it whatever you want and advertise it as we got our members 700,000 inspections in the past year but at the end of the day, I like the majority of the members here can count the inspections I’ve gotten from iNACHI sites on 8 fingers and maybe 2 opposable thumbs. 6 years. It’s very simple.

Please don’t sit here and tell me and many others that we don’t know how to track where our calls are coming from or where our visitors are coming from to our sites. I’m not going to say I can track 100% but damn near close to that.

Plain and simple, iNACHI sites do not = targeted leads, calls, or inspections on a steady basis. More like rarely, if at all.

It’s like the poll for the MIC program, 90% or more do not believe or use the program cause it won’t work. 90% or more members have had one or two inspections from iNACHI sites, maybe less than that.

Some things are true and work, others are false and do not.

Now, I’ll stop pointing out the flaws and come up with solutions. I think the whole iNACHI search engine, directories, and sites need overhauling. Consumers are confused and overwhelmed when they do a search. Too many dead links, too many results returned (inspectors), ‘‘members’’ other than inspectors should also not be listed. There should be a cap per zipcode of lets say 10 inspectors, but that zipcode will rotate the inspectors. It’s like when you use Google for a search, a user is gonna click the first few links or sites. They do not need 500 inspectors to choose from.

There’s many other positive and viable suggestions, but I think they’ll fall on deaf ears :frowning:

Member’s aren’t employees, we can’t force them market the MIC program. If some members were employees, I’d fire them. Members here in Denver are getting fat and rich from them. Read: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f62/did-five-move-certified-inspections-last-week-here-get-them-38418/ We only build programs that work and that make perfect sense in this market, we can’t force you to use them.

As for click-throughs, I simply got tired of explaining that the reason www.alexa.com ranks our traffic so high is because of consumer traffic… and that there is no way a few thousand inspectors could be generating all that traffic… and that alexa says our traffic is many times all other inspection sites combined… and that we can see the consumer traffic from here… and that we direct it to member’s sites. So instead of trying to explain it, we now just send every member an email once a week showing them the click-through traffic we generate. All together, 700,000 free click-throughs where generated for member’s inspection websites this year. Check your inbox for our weekly email report.

the email you sent me does not show clicks through to my site, it shows clicks on your sites.

Nope. Post the email and prove yourself wrong.

Same for www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm It displays the 100 most recent click-throughs to MEMBER’s site in live-time. Also displays where the traffic came from and what time it came through.

“Free” click troughs excellent news about the no more Dues Memberships. :wink:

Nick, You have explained it, from top to bottom that is not the point being made. What is being made is they DON’T WORK.

You look at a program that tells you its working great. I am looking at EVERY response that says it very flawed and sucks. What would be the better gauge on ROI? A computer program or the company its targeted to?

If you spend $100,000 a year on a program that tells you you get 500,000 clicks and its leads to ZERO inspections. Do you look at the “clicks” or the ROI?

I know you gave the the old “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” analogy. Saying the consumer looks at the site and moves on.

But we do have websites which tell me where every click comes from and its NONE from your referral sites.

I know you love computers, but instead of listening to what a program says, please listen to what the members say. It does not work.

I got tired of people saying that. So to prove them wrong, we now just send every member an email once a week showing them the click-through traffic we generate. All together, 700,000 free click-throughs where generated for member’s inspection websites this year. Check your inbox for our weekly email report.

I heard you the first, second,third forth and fifth time you said this. Do you read the responses? NICK LISTEN TO WHAT THE MEMBERS ARE SAYING.

I understand what you are saying. Do you understand what WE ARE SAYING? IT DOES NOT GENERATE SH_IT for the inspector. Said time and again and yet you refuse to believe us and would rather believe a computer program!

We have NO REASON to mislead you. But you gotta except what the masses are telling you. The most important trait of a good leader is to be a good listener, as I am sure you know…

But I have no technical access or legal authority to change your site.

We can only generate traffic to your inspection website. We have no authority to put something on your website that compels these consumers to call you. I have no access to your homepage to put something like “***About to buy a home in xxx? Call me for my free report regarding yyy which is an issue in the town of xxx.***”

Then when they call, I can’t answer your phone for you and sell them.

In other words, we can only lead the horses to your water (click them through to your site), you have to make them drink.