Just 2 of InterNACHI's sites generating over 1 lead a minute for members, 24/7.



25,000 inspection referrals in two weeks? That I would like to see…

You can!

You can watch the 100 most recent click-thrus from just 2 of our sites from here: http://www.nachi.org/inspection-leads.htm

We are also keeping a running total in the yellow horizontal bar on the front page of www.nachi.org

I thought they were actual inspections. :margarit: Very impressive just the same.

Well, we can’t force them to buy from you, but they are leads (click thrus) that we are dropping right onto your car lot (website) all day and all night.

Click throughs are very important. If a web site receives quite a few with no results, there’s a good chance the site viewer didn’t like what they saw.

Hi Nick,
Are you running an analytics program
to filter out search engine spiders that are following links?

Tom Camp

Yes, and we have plans to add the traffic generated from our other bazillion sites: www.nachi.org/directories.htm

Thanks Nick,
Keep up the Great Work!!

Tom Camp
Colorado Springs Home Inspections
Tom Camp Inspection Services , LLC

Inspections Done Right.jpg Inspections Done Right

I have gotten a fair number of jobs this way. In fact, I have one coming up in a few days to weeks once the construction is finished that was gotten through this source. Doesn’t cost anything and jobs just show up in my mailbox. Like finding money in the parking lot.

Keep up the good work,
it is greatly appreciated